Sometimes a Goddess has to be a Warrioress

With more than a few decades under my belt as a woman, and with even more experiences of “what being being a woman means” than anyone could ever keep track of, I gotta say today that Sometimes a Goddess has to be a Warrioress. We all know it. But will we admit to those times when to sit by quietly with our hands folding demurely in our lap is not going to cut it? Sometimes enough is too much and we HAVE to stand up and speak up. And sometimes, we have to have this same assertive communication with our inner head speak….

We each have a set of rules we keep in our heads. And these rules are quick to rise up and keep us down if we’re not aware. Most of these rules were not mindfully created by you. You are full of head speak that came at you from your caregivers, teachers, institutions, and peers. And unless you have invested the time and effort to seek out the roots of your beliefs, you are being ruled by the thoughts and beliefs of others.

Take your time today to create a list of “should” and “shouldn’t” and “ought” and “do this not that” rules that you’ve been living by. And then, consciously decide to create your own new list that includes rules that support you in your personal growth and development.

Maybe your new list reads something like:

  • I must always own my power to do what’s best for my personal growth and expression
  • My mind must always be open to the possibilities that “I CAN” do whatever it takes
  • I Am a strong and powerful woman whose gifts are immensely important to this planet
  • I must courageously share my gifts even when I’m frightened
  • Every day I grow my feminine strengths a little more than the day before
  • I tolerate less and accept myself more
  • I am consistently reaching new personal highs that break through past imposed ceilings
  • I own my voice and use it for good
  • I respect myself and honor my needs before others
  • I accept my purpose in this life as being to learn to love myself
  • I refuse to be a victim to anyone or any experience
  • I release emotions quickly before they become permanently lodged in my psyche 
  • I trust my inner guidance
  • I do not seek external validation
  • I am responsible for my actions
  • I am not responsible for the reactions, emotions, actions, behaviors of others

Your list may look completely different. We are speaking to your core authenticity, and that means your list of rules to live by will be unique to you. The only thing that matters is that you mindfully select your rules and cease to live by the rules imposed on you when you were too young or too indoctrinated to question….

Taking back your power means to identify what that power looks like. It is to decide for yourself, who you are, and what you stand for, and what you will and will not stand for. With that level of empowerment at heart, I offer you a freebie:

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Enjoy! xox

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