Spa Day

Welcome to Virtual Spa Services for Busy Women

Virtual SPA services for busy women, is a tranquil and safe place that promotes women’s empowerment and transformation, relaxation and re-calibration.

As a Utah kid living in the extreme northern winter conditions, we never got a “snow day,” we just trudged through whatever conditions plagued the day. But now that I am older, I absolutely take a SPA DAY, and so should you!

Pampered is your healthiest state of being…

…and so I encourage you to be pampered as often as possible. When you take care of you, you will have more to share with others.

Bookmark this page. As this “women’s empowerment” playground evolves, the SPA will be filling up with products and services to help you relax, rejuvenate, and take that much needed healing time out to regain balance and align your mind-body-spirit wholeness.

How balanced is your self-care? Do you consciously practice a balanced and healthy life, physically, mentally, and emotionally?

This page is purely for your bliss. There is nothing to buy. There is no one to judge.

It’s just a reminder to be, as much as possible in balance: aligned body, mind and spirit. Take some time for you, to recharge and recalibrate. Enjoy a much-needed, much deserved ‘spa’ experience.

  • Play a relaxing meditation
  • Pour a cup of tea
  • Light some scented candles
  • Surround yourself with angelic music
  • Soak in a relaxing warm scented bath
  • Indulge in decadent bodice-ripper romance novel escape
  • Do whatever refreshes you and recharges your batteries

Just relax, and recalibrate. And when you’re fully recharged, you’ll have more to offer to those closest to you. And frankly, you’ll be more pleasant to be around….

Because everything if affected by balance and alignment, I want to provide many “virtual spa” opportunities for you to relax, and to discover, through self-awareness, your passionate purpose and calling.

Release the harried energies, and enter into your tranquil space as often as possible. You may be amazed by the inspiration that comes to you when your mind is clear of the hustle and chaos. And as a sidenote, if you do find yourself immersed too often in chaotic conditions, you may want to enroll in a Breakthrough Session to discover why you find yourself in chaos. …is your chaos really an addiction to the stress chemicals?

Regardless, make it a mindful point to relax today in the Virtual Spa: Virtual Services for Busy Women, and be good to you. Start by enjoying this three-hour meditative video to encourage your inner journey…. Breathe….


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