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Special Announcement!

Special Announcement

I have a special announcement for followers of this blog! I won’t tease! It’s a brand new release of Cultivating Worthiness Home Edition! This is a special home study edition that allows you to cultivate increased worthiness and deservingness and lift your confidence in the privacy and comfort of your own home, on your time table, at your chosen pace….

And today, as a special introductory price, you can have the completely downloadable home study course for only $47.

Soon, the price increases until it reaches $197. There’s never been a better opportunity to increase your self-worth and confidence. Do it today and save over 75% thru this special link: Cultivating Worthiness Home Edition (A new tab will open.)

Whether you are only occasionally or are frequently doubting yourself, this empowering 30-day home study course can help. We all have moments of doubt. It’s when those snapshots become deep holes that we may forget our unique value.  And Cultivating Worthiness Home Edition gives you the self-worth and confidence bolstering content to launch out of any hole, regardless of how deep and how long your stay!

To read more about what you’ll get, and to enroll in Cultivating Worthiness Home Edition click the button below. And remember, this special offer is very limited! Grab this special for only $47 today!


What are you waiting for? Click the button above and learn more!

Here’s something to consider: Self-Worth affects every area of your life. And you’re being offered a very reasonable tool to lift your sense of worthiness to new heights, thus, possibly improving anything that’s not really working for you.

Take the $47 plunge, and remember that you’re worth every cent of regular $197 price! In fact, you’re priceless. There’s only one You.

PS~ YES!! Of course there are bonuses! I almost forgot to tell you that for the first 50 to enroll and download this special home study course, you’ll also receive the beautiful and potentially life transforming Harmony Meditation absolutely free.  But only if you’re one of the first 50 to get in on this special offer today!

As an extra bonus, you’ll also receive the Self-Love Warrioress set, which includes an empowering eBook and audio MP3! The bonuses alone pay for the investment! And the confidence boost you’ll receive is potentially priceless!

So go now and secure your future with this Cultivating Worthiness Home Study Edition!

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