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In the Spirit of Love

I’ve been sitting in stillness, contemplating what action I could take to honor the spirit of love, and give you something special, to inspire deeper love within yourself and with others.

Whether or not you are in a romantic relationship, the energy of love plays a big role in our lives.

If you are blocking your heart because you’ve been hurt, you’re shutting yourself off from a lot more than romance. You may be depriving yourself of the joy that comes as a result of other connections. Equally, you may be cutting yourself off from the most important connection in your life –that is to you.

My heart reaches out to you now, as for several years following the death of my son, I guarded my heart. The effect was a pervasive numbness that protected me from any real emotion.

That protective shield crippled me.
It stopped me from having any authentic connections.
It blocked what could have been meaningful relations from blossoming.

In law of attraction perfection, it meant that I attracted only those who were equally emotionally dammed off and crippled.

Only when I recognized the ways that I was blocking love, was I able to see how much more I was blocking simultaneously.

Love is the vibration at the highest point on the frequency scale. Blocking love is blocking the higher frequencies of healing, of joy, of abundance of goodness and plenty.

Blocking love is like making a declaration to the universe that says rather than be in the high vibration of love, we’re choosing to be in the lower frequency of fear, numbness, apathy.

The universe works only in ‘Yeses’; it delivers the vibrational match to that which we broadcast. In other words, protecting one’s heart is asking to stop the flow of all that the universe wants to provide to us.

When I cut off the world, I also cut off myself. The once plentiful stream of money dried up. The friends ghosted. The opportunities ceased to circulate. The happiness evaporated. Love had been successfully blocked from entering my life. And so had everything good.

The universe heard my vibrational broadcast as a vow of being undeserving, of being unworthy to receive. And so, that’s what was delivered in return: nothing but more low vibrations to keep me numb and living like a threadbare rug.

It took some deep soul excavation to begin to understand that I was creating this threadbare existence through my grief.

To breakthrough the dam meant being really honest about the ways I had been cutting myself off from the flow of everything good. It meant looking within for what I been doing without….

And like the phoenix from the ashes, I rose. And if you resonate with this lack of love and goodness in your life, so can you.

If you’re not living a heart-filled life, if you’re not feeling loved and valued, if your well has run dry, if your bank balance borders between barely enough and never enough, I want you to know that you can break open your love dams.

I am inviting you to apply for a Breakthrough Your Love Walls strategy session, free of charge. The value of this Breakthrough Your Love Walls strategy session is $500. For the next few days, or until the limited spaces are filled, I am offering this at no charge to a handful of women who apply and are accepted.

The process is pretty simple: Fill out a short survey, submit it, and watch your email inbox to see if you are one of those who successfully gets in.

The application process is the only way I could figure out how to serve as many sincere hearts as possible. I am sorry to have to limit this offer, but I think you understand.

If you are accepted for a Breakthrough Your Love Walls strategy session, you’ll be provided with a link to my calendar where you will schedule our connection call. I promise this Breakthrough Your Love Walls strategy session will provide a plan of the steps to take to re-own your heart’s high frequency and open the abundance flow to all you desire and deserve.

And if you’re not selected this time, please know that it’s a perfect universe with divine timing. Plus, you won’t go away empty handed. You can download a valentine’s gift as my thank you for reading this far.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Much love and appreciation,

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