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Spring Clean and Feng-Shui Too

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It’s time to Spring Clean and Feng Shui Too!

[bctt tweet=”I have been on my knees cleaning out the corners of my heart and soul, and yes, my closet too.”]

I’m deep in the process of clearing self-doubt, fear, callousness of spirit and heart, anger, ridding my psyche of all those who would mistreat me. More importantly, I’m clearing any residual tendencies to mistreat myself…. I’m removing stagnant energies and clearing the clogged up energetic paths, and grounding the scattered energies that take me off track.


It feels GOOD! It feels FREEING. It feels like Spring!

Freshness of love, joy, abundance, courage, self-awareness and self-trust are being infused into my whole self, replacing the stagnant energies. All of this together, translates into the whole experience of self-love.

As I clear away the fears, I envision courage and self-confidence. Sucking out the clogs in my energetic pipes, I then infuse a visual of pure radiant love flowing in through my crown chakra, and flushing my cells while washing away any old residue.

As I mindfully attend to the tasks of Spring Cleaning, I Am conscious of what I Am creating. I begin to focus on the truth that I Am the creator of my experiences regardless of what I have created in the past. And now, because the veil has thinned, allowing me to see, I fully own my role in the creation of every situation of my life. That ownership is empowering. 

[bctt tweet=”Love is at the core of all that we experience.”]

If there is any area of your life that is not surrounded in love, look at it. Is anything stopping you from fully loving every facet of who you are?

[bctt tweet=”You have one purpose in life, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are. “]

From that purpose, your brilliant life shines outward, rippling goodness and love into the universe, and bringing it back home to you, and to us -all of us. Isn’t that an astonishing, powerful feeling of limitless potential?

  • Be good to yourself.
  • You deserve to feel love.
  • You are worthy.
  • You are God/Goddess/Source.

Connect to that creative spirit of you each morning and intend your day into being. And connect just before falling asleep, expressing gratitude for all that you have created. In that gratitude, is the energetic pipe cleaner that allows the stream of abundance of joy, love, health, and wealth. 

Enjoy your personal Spring Cleaning. And if you spring clean and feng shui your environment too, let me know if any pronounced effects are felt.

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