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Is It Spring/Fall Yet? (Please give this time to load)

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For anyone in my neck-of-the-woods here in North America, there’s a solar eclipse that isn’t visible. Still, I trust it was very cool for those who were able to look at Nature’s rare sun-block.there’s a full-solar eclipse (I’ve included a short video below for your viewing pleasure).

There’s New M00N energy for planting the desires you intend to bring to fruition. Today, to celebrate that new moon energy and the first day of Spring, I am spending the bulk of my thoughts and emotions psychologically planting and planning on the fruits of the very near future. I am putting my intention down on paper, although honestly, there has been a young dove in and out of my courtyard all day, distracting me with her cooing and swooping. She’s considering turning a hanging planter into a nest, and I’m hoping she figures out soon that it’s not a good idea. Years back, I had a similar situation and when the young mother deserted the nest on my balcony I had to take starving baby birds to the animal rescue center. I want no parts of foster-bird-mothering. It’s hard work to get those tiny abandoned birds to eat. On the other note, I’ve learned that doves coming to us is a good omen. Many say that “if you’ve been touched by a dove, you’ve been touched by the hand of God.” I’m pretty sure that happened once shortly after I moved to San Diego, just about a year after my son’s death. I wrote about it in my first book, Blessings in the Mire. But in that case, the dove went out of her way to stay with me, even going so far as to perform somersaults in my balcony area, and causing me to giggle with wonder. But I digress. And you can read about it anytime in the book, which I will link below.

Last and just as cool today, there’s a super-moon! Oh, but since it’s a new moon, “super” or not, it’s not going to be visible here in Earth, either, yet I’m certain the energy of creation is still present. Regardless, of what we can see from wherever we may be on this globe, there is a lot going on in the atmosphere. And if you’re feeling it, you are not alone! Actually, you’re not alone in any case, but I’m sure get my meaning. The energetic pulls are tangible, and are capable of powerfully influencing our lives.
Because Spring wakes me up like a Dutch tulip pushing through a long cold winter, this day each year is my favorite day of the year. For the most part, I am out at the boulder that Nature loans me, breathing in the spaciousness and gratitude that raises my vibration to the heights of manifesting. It’s truly a glorious day, here in San Diego, California, and I cannot help to feel blessed and lucky to be feeling the warm sunrays as they calm me and bring an almost drowsy relaxation for this annual celebration. I am excited on multiple levels, because there is a lot coming, just beyond the horizon. In fact, I stayed up all night until just before 7 a.m. this morning, because I was so involved in what’s to come….

You know how it is when you are worried and cannot sleep and something is keeping you up at night? Well this was NOT one of those times! Instead, this was a night fueled by inspiration and creation in the stream of the exciting things to come…. I am really awakened by the project as I watch it develop in something beyond what ever initial image I may have once held for it. It never ceases to intrigue me that whatever notion I may have when I initially start a project, regardless of my preconceived ideas of how it will turn out, these project, including any book I’ve ever written, evolves into something of its own volition. It is like that with us, I think. We may have an idea of what we are doing, and that’s great. However, we are organic and evolving and just like all these projects, we’re coming together nicely.

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So what rituals are you practicing today? Are you feeling the effects of Nature? If so, how so? Have you planted any new m00n goals for the coming 28 days? Are you feeling content with where you are so far in your 2015 goals? Would you like to schedule a Clarity Call to see if I can support you in reaching your destination? Have you consciously even chosen a destination? Will you know when you’ve arrived?

Happy Vernal Equinox, New M00N, Super M00N, Spring/Fall!

Love, Light, & Gratitude,


Blessings in the Mire
Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections

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