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Start the Year in Gratitude

How would you like to start the year in gratitude with this 365 Day Gratitude Planner that draws on the power of gratitude to enhance your life. By now, we all know about the Law of Attraction, and if you’ve coached with me, chances are you know that, even though I’m a certified Law of Attraction coach, I actually prefer to call it the law of appreciation. That’s because with only the tiniest awareness of how energy affects every area of our lives, we recognize how gratitude magnetizes more for which to be grateful, and simultaneously, how patterns of believing there’s never enough, attracts that exact match of never enough. The universe doesn’t discriminate; it reflects what you emit. There can be no other way.

So which do you prefer? Are you ready to live in a state of gratitude?

Frankly, it seems like it’s too simplistic, doesn’t it? To believe that all we need to do is express gratitude, and our subjective lives will transform is a little too “woowoo voodoo” for most folks to really embrace. But I’ll share with you that I have tested this energy truth since way back in my days as the sole proprietress of a new-age gift store. And so have many of my customers and clients. We each reached the same conclusion, years before the so-called “secret” trend took over, and that is, the universe delivers exactly what we order.

Because gratitude is such a powerful, life-transformation tool, I want you to have access to this daily Gratitude Planner. It’s one of the bonuses to those enrolled in MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting at the Winged-Women™ Academy. But if you’re not quite ready to dive into a 90 day course that gives you the formula to master money manifesting, maybe you are ready to start the year off in the spirit of gratitude. And maybe you’re willing to invest a small amount to signal to the universe your intention of up-leveling your life by stepping into that state of gratitude.

As you track your gratitude in this 365 Day Gratitude Planner, you are automatically magnetizing yourself to the energies that bring more for which to be grateful. Now imagine if, each evening before you end your day, you take a moment to consider everything you have to be grateful for. You jot it down in this printable journal, and that every act of writing it, energizes it.

Now imagine if you’ve begun your year with this new practice, and you keep at it, creating a new daily practice of gratitude.

  • What do you imagine can transform, when you give it daily doses of appreciation?
  • What will your life look like in a few months? a year?

This downloadable 365 Day Gratitude Planner is a simple yet highly effective tool to guide you in the direction of magnetizing the life you desire. It allows you the space to express your appreciations, indulge your dreams, set your intentions, and track your progress as you create a new daily ritual that brings a positive energetic charge to your life. And you can have it for only $1.99 thru the secure PayPal link below.

Forget resolutions that you’ll stop keeping within weeks. Instead, create an intention to add a new daily practice that actually brings benefits. End each day in gratitude, and watch the flow bless you with so much to appreciate.

Happy new year to you.


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