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Stress Killer for Killer Stress

Take a Break

Everyone knows about breast cancer because pretty much everyone loves the boobs. But are you aware that there is a much greater threat to your health?

Stress is deadly. It causes hypertension, stroke, heart disease, brain damage (yep), and is a preventable source of disease. So today, I am giving you a stress killer for killer stress.

Many people are addicted to the biological chemicals that flood the brain and body with deadly hormones. These folks are the ones who are constantly finding reasons to be annoyed, or out-and-out angry.

The angry outbursts are subconscious ways of stimulating the brain in those with untreated A.D.D. ~Attention deficit disorder, and others. These same repetitive, explosions show up on brain scans as craters in the brain, having effectively killed off parts of the brain.

Too many people turn to their social media fronts, stuff their heads with noise and busy virtual happenings, instead of getting calm and going within –which is a much healthier behavior, and one which is not only less deadly, but which is actually the means to health and wellness.

With that bit of information in mind, find a place to sit back and prepare to relax as I take you on a brief 20 minute journey designed to lower your blood pressure, remove the crick in your back, and feed your mind, body and spirit with healing self-care.


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