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  1. Carolyn, I feel you so much in this very thought provoking question. I too, struggled with the notion of “God” as being anything but a wise, larger (MUCH, MUCH larger) than life, all-knowing, and Omni-present entity to which I felt inferior. And then my 22 year old brother died of what would be determined to be of “unknown, natural causes.” This was devastating. My brother had been born 2 years and 2 days after me, and he was my best friend and confidant, and we even shared birthday celebrations each year until his sudden death.
    This tragic loss (I was 24 at the time) was the point where I seriously questioned the existence of a “God” who would take an otherwise healthy young man for what I considered to be no reason. Of course, the major religion in which I was indoctrinated said that “it was his time to go,” or that “it is God’s will.” That wasn’t enough for me. And from that point on, all of my spare energies were spent in sorting through the dogma I had learned growing up -stuff I had taken at face value without questioning as it was the stuff that is handed down generationally, culturally, and even in institutions like the school systems, and undoubtedly, from peers’ perspectives.
    As a part of this search for meaning, I read, took college courses on thanatology (study of death), theology (study of religions), and even psychic awareness. That search never really ceased. To this day, I still ponder and read and research.
    Here’s what ultimately allowed me to accept the goddess and the god and the source (although if ever we’re together for a day sipping a beverage in my Southern California garden, this will doubtlessly be a more spirited, and detailed account, lol): Every major religion in current day contains the pieces of the original goddess perspectives and holidays. As examples: The celebration of the Christian resurrection of Jesus Christ, was originally the celebration of Spring as represented by the Germanic Spring Goddess, Ostara. Her symbols of the egg and rabbit are still included in today’s Easter celebrations. The Christian horned devil was originally an antlered God of the harvest. Those are just a couple of examples of how the dogma crosses over thru time and celebration.
    For me, knowledge of the many celebratory crossovers, makes it quite easy to embrace the essence of any holiday celebration, as opposed to simply having blind faith and not questioning. In my estimation, we would not have a mind with which to think, had we not been meant to use it to do just that: Think.
    No longer do I see Christmas and Easter with the same eyes I had as a child. Yet in some ways, those holidays are richer for the experience of having layers of historic (her-storic) awareness added in.
    And as for guilt, that faded away long ago as I learned the truths about pagan holidays, and began to recognize “life” in every element. The Earth, the animals, and even the flow of energy of abundance of health, love, joy, and money are all living energies. And so to recognize my own inner goddess as being “that still small voice inside” is actually quite easy. I incorporate a strong inner conviction of right and wrong, without someone “upstairs” keeping score.
    Now here’s something I think you may like: Go somewhere in Nature, and get out of your head. For this exercise, you’ll be using your heart intelligence as opposed to your head. Sit still with your heart open and with your mind tucked deep into your heart. From that perspective, you may sense the energies of creation. Depending on where you are in nature, you’ll experience perhaps birds singing and chirping, brooks rippling, insects busily buzzing by, leaves rustling, etc. Simply sit in that energy. Allow it to envelop you and then inhale deeply, the gift of oxygen and exhale the stagnant inner blocks. Repeat the deep breath 3 times, consciously inhaling the essence of (Mother) nature, and exhaling any stress. Now raise your palms together and begin to move them back and forth towards and then away and back again, not touching palms, yet playing with the energy between your hands as though it is a ball of energy. It is. And as you do this, you may begin to feel the energy between your palms. It becomes tangible. That is you, creating energy in your hands. You are the creator of your life, regardless of what gender your perspective gives to the deity.
    As a closing statement, it may make it easier if you consider the feminine power principles of cooperation, peacefulness, collaboration, receptivity, and communication as the feminine face of god/dess, and perhaps envision the androgynous nature of Jesus Christ. He was not a power-monger, a war-monger, or a competitive son of God. He was in fact, the “Prince of Peace.”
    I embrace the balanced whole of god/goddess as we are each born whole and perfect. And then we are systematically taught to disown parts of ourselves. I will not pretend to know what is “right” for you, only to say that because you are questioning, your awakening is now.
    Carolyn, I appreciate your question so much, that I am certain it will be with me for days, as I consider a more thoughtful solution to assuaging your “guilt.” In the end, what I know is that each of your questions will bring answers, and more questions. This is where true wisdom grows.
    Much love, light, and gratitude.
    And I hope you enjoy the goddess audio series you’ll be receiving for next 30 day.

  2. I would like to relate to God as feminine but feel guilty. How do I overcome this?

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