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Twenty-One Experts are here to shine the light on healing from love-based trauma. Please join us in this unprecedented Supreme Love Summit.

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Join me and other experts as we talk about healing the terrors we experience in love and life. It's FREE! Click To Tweet

The Supreme Love Summit is an event I want to advertise from the rooftops! PLEASE share this page with everyone you know who has experienced any degree of trauma, or with those who know someone affected by traumatic events. Have them, as well as your self, register for this impactful, empowering 3 week summit.

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Too often “love” comes at a high price. I remember researching for Escaping the Chrysalis and discovering some sobering statistics about women being abused and even losing their lives at the hands of a trusted lover, husband, partner…and I am not immune either. I was stalked for years by a madman, even after going into hiding. And I learned much from the experience that could not have come to me through schools’ written pages.

Even after the woman leaves a dangerous situation, she is left with internal scars on her psyche. Trauma remnants linger as cellular and energetic memories, no less damaging than the original act itself.

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My decade-long career with the Department of Human Services brought into my line of vision more horrific human ills than anyone should ever have a need to know about. The position of working with women of all socio-economic, races, religions, cultures, and educational levels awakened me to the brutal truth that all women are at risk. No one is exempt to the possibility of abuse, and so it is crucial that we learn as much about our personal power as possible, and that we learn to transcend the

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Those lessons are some of what I, along with twenty+ other specialists, will be sharing when I am interviewed by beautiful and powerful Dr. Jeanine Staples. We’ll be looking far beyond the problem of how to deal with the residual trauma of love relationships; we will reveal trade secret techniques and tools for healing the past, and in my way of thinking, “turn your struggles into strengths.”

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You’ll receive simple tips and practices you can easily incorporate into your life to help you realize your most peaceful, joyful, confident, and focused consciousness yet!

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And please, please, please pass this page forward to your girl friends. Let’s heal the painful trauma that is left after the abuse stops. And maybe, just maybe we can empower even one woman to step into the light of her magnificent brilliance. Help us to empower women to turn that trauma into something rich and rewarding -into a launching pad for blasting into a more healthy and fulfilling arena.
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The truth is, YOU ARE NOT INADEQUATE! In fact, YOU ARE PERFECT IN YOUR HUMANNESS! You’re not broken. There is nothing to fix. There is only a shift which will take place, allowing you to shine the light on the darkness and transform it.

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Notice I said “Your sense of powerlessness.” You are not now, nor have you ever been powerless. You simply didn’t realize your own inner strength and guidance. The Supreme Love Summit is about to show you just how strong you are. Remember, you are perfect in your humanness. And given the tools this summit has to offer, you may soon be expansive beyond your dreams….

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I’m not going to ask you to not feel scared. I am going to suggest you allow the fear to simply be. And that despite your fear, you attend each day of the Supreme Love Summit and take whatever will serve to empower and fill you up, and disregard the rest.

Join me and other experts as we talk about facing the terrors we experience in love and life. FREE! Click To Tweet

Get closer to the authentic love and power-filled life your dreams. Listen to The Supreme Love Summit. It’s FREE!

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Beyond the Supreme Love Summit, when you are ready to make the investment in your balanced living, when you are ready to learn the techniques, to utilize the soul-healing tools that I have put together in this empowering transformational duo, click the secure PayPal button below. You’ll be glad you did!

The publisher has given permission to offer the award-winning inspirational set to you at special summit pricing. But when the summit ends, so does this special offer. Right now, you can get the set that may once and for all change your life in the comfort of your own home. This is the same information that clients pay thousands of dollars for in my private coaching sessions. You can get it for less than $50, but only during this Supreme Love Summit. And as an added incentive, you can also claim a free 15 minute clarity call to be used after you get the set home, just in case you have questions or need support.
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See you at the Supreme Love Summit!

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