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TypewriterGirl-Vintage-Graphics It’s been a month of rapid personal growth ~that kicking and screaming against the flow of change sort of growth that the Universe seems to demand now and then, and which generally results in a rather raw lingering condition. It reminds me of getting a chemical peel and going thru the burn to ultimately get to the new…. And in case I didn’t fully realize the actual message from the universe, I accidentally got a third degree burn on my arm when I was being a bit too mindless….

So although in either event, the scab has yet to form, I have been transforming at an almost alarming rate, a condition of the “Quickening,” I’m told. And not the “quickening” that takes place during pregnancy, but the cosmic-changing type of “quickening” that the Hopi Indians prophesied long ago: The one that acknowledges that the speed of time is “quickening” and which believes that “conflict creates consciousness,” which should mean that I am by now fully into “consciousness,” and should not be burned by bouts of mindlessness when around hot objects.

In truth, I too experience the speed of life flowing away rapidly. Like my friend repeatedly says, “Everyday is Thursday,” the day the garbage goes out. And along with seeing the speedy advancing of time, also in line with the Hopi prophecy, I do recognize a paradigm shift in the way in which we interact with each other, for the most part. And as it’s part of my self-written job description as a life coach, I see that the evolutionary effect of struggle when re-defined as strength, is indeed a state of grace and blessing. Plus it made pretty good fodder for my first book, Blessings in the Mire.

What I know personally, at this moment in time, is what I feel and how much my heart has been cracked open at a point when I feared I maybe had lost it along the way. Perhaps, I reasoned, I had lost it far back on the path of childhood. But that turns out to be nonsense. [bctt tweet=”Even a cracked heart feels, even as it heals.”]


Recently, I was talked off the metaphorical ledge by the gifted and perhaps, other-worldly intuitive healer, Mary A. Hall, and her beautifully irreverent, and equally out-of-this-world BFF, the incomparable, Jennifer McLean of Healing With the Masters (well-deserved) fame.

They don’t know it, of course. They have no idea of the shifts that have been taking place within me; how could they? But in the event that my journey might benefit you, I’ll share a few of the moments that seem to be the highlights of the ever-transforming and often seemingly miraculous experience of me being human.

The greatest event in an abridged version, has been the release of many petals of my flower falling away (again). It’s apparently an annual clearing process to take stock and make a conscious decision to let go of anyone who does not value me fully, as becomes evident not in words, but in actions. It is more of that “Spring Cleaning” I blogged of a day or so ago. And the key is, I have discovered, to not pick up again whatever has been released…even when it’s oh-so-tantalizing….


How can I ask you or anyone else to let go of anything or anyone that may be holding you back if I have a little root growing where it needs to not be? Once I recognized my own face in the lesson, I was compelled to take a closer look, and stop blaming it on the life-transforming events of the past couple of years…or of “cosmic conditions.”

A great deal of pondering took place before the conscious, if not ceremonial process of clearing took place. I tapped into my little vulnerable girl who knows abandonment so well that it is second nature and often goes unrecognized…until it’s not. And her hand in my hand, we did some pretty grown-up work. In the end, we remembered that it will never be okay for any other person, or for our Self to neglect or abuse us in any way. We looked closely at all our friendships, acquaintances, and with spy-glass to the eye, we even observed the interactions with our relatives.

After much scrutiny and consideration, we figured out that we are good with the notion of being responsible for our personal self-care, and that we would start immediately to shed anyone and anything that doesn’t support us, nurture us, and promote self-love. Such mindfulness of self-care is an endless process of unfolding purpose and evolution that we really need to be conscious of, we recognized….

And so the pruners came out….


Anyone who has been rude, has harmed us, or hurt us, has abandoned us, used us, or contributed to feelings of unworthiness or of being undeserving, were clipped quickly. Some took a bit more consideration. And on the flip side, we took a look at anyone we may have wronged, and we sent out love and regards, and released the energies of self-forgiveness into the ethers. We are hopeful that the messages were received in the spirit in which they were sent, which is love.

My message here has long been, “you have one purpose in this life, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.” And that goes for me and my inner kid too. 🙂

At any rate, all of that leads me to tell you that I will be away for a few day, having some bone-grafting surgery and then taking it easy for a bit. Not sure how long my respite will last, but I’ll be sending vibrations of love your way as I recuperate. And I’d love it if you would do the same for me. Send me some positive vibes if you get a minute. And if you’re inclined, take a peak at anything or anyone you may benefit from pruning from your life. Keep me posted in the comments section below, or if it’s too personal, shoot me an email. I’m gonna need something to read for the next few days….

So to end this longer-than usual post, I want to say thank you for surviving the “cut.” That must mean you are equally committed to self-care and consideration. For that, I am truly grateful.

Thank you, often…. 😉
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