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“Jan’s authenticity as a consultant and an author is complemented by her intuitive ways of knowing and understanding as well as her vast knowledge obtained through personal experience. She possesses the gifts of a holistic healer and inspires through humor, grace, and her own personal strength…. Jan’s writings are from the soul, at times raw and penetrating, but always genuine and engaging in their humanity. This talented woman gets it, all of it. Her desire to share her enlightenment is a rare treasure not to be missed.” Robyn T.

“Jan has an amazing way of touching people like no other. Her way of connecting with people and helping them turn their life around is like none other that I have seen. I would recommend if you ever get the chance to work with her not to pass it up. It will change your life. She is a gift to the world and what you will learn from her will change your life and others.” Tamara T.

“Thanks a ton for all those priceless gems you bestowed upon me! You certainly are the one I have been waiting for as a relentless spiritual seeker! I am so delighted that since I talked to you my life has upgraded in every way possible! I never imagined that such yummy energy of integrity would give me tools I can finally embody to be so confident of the worthiness of my magnificently high quality royal spirit! I have no doubt you are more than one of these wannabe Dr.Phil scamartists trying to follow new age metaphysical trends that have often disappointed me in the past! I am so grateful that I am NOW effortlessly, quickly smoothly moving towards heaven on earth immediately after our chat! May the blessings continue to flood you for being a very underrated elite beacon of raw truth expansion! Thanks so much for freeing this spiritual seeker! I appreciate the undeniable energy of our call how you taught me to colonize my whole mind & align all of my chakras immediately! There was so much authentic soothing grace giving me upliftment beyond my repressed deadly conditioning of mass consciousness! You have gifted me with my worthiness wings by giving me the invincible courage to embody my limitlessness as a vulnerable vehicle of expansion to lead others to defy instilled urge to be a mediocre puppet!” Zhi B.

gold_key“Hi there. I attended your ‘Keys to Life’ group in March and wanted to say that my life has really changed. You’re so right that ‘the keys are within’ because since I learned to ‘own my power’ my life has blossomed like a new spring flower. I now live life in the key of me. Some of my old friends didn’t know how to take the new me, but I found even more evolved friends once I opened up the vacancy in my heart. I cannot repay you enough. Your program is priceless. And so are you.” Kathrine G.

“Ha ha! ‘Gestalt means whole and so am I’ thanks to you. When I started, I had NO IDEA how far I would launch! I feel whole and balanced, just like you said. And I bought Escaping the Chrysalis and started reading it when it arrived today. It brings back a ton of really good memories. And it’s really nice to have a book to go to when you’re not around for consulting. I look forward to seeing you soon.” Kathleen F.


“Jan, I love that the gestalt group was intimate. Sharing has never been easy for me, but your support and kind heart allowed me to grow in ways that have not quit. My growth continues. Thank you so much.” Cindy W.

“‘Not my guru,’ is what you said. I was bewildered when you said it. And then, my whole self aligned and my heart cracked open and all the wisdom of your statement finally made sense. I now know that my wisdom is within. It is the message of empowerment that you left me with, and for that magnificent gem, I am forever grateful to you. Thank you for giving me the self-trust to hear my inner truths and guidance. I struggle now only with the way to express the warmth of my love and appreciation to you for giving me me. :)” JC W.


“Remember when you asked us to look in the mirror and I tried to run away from you and the reflection? You were so reassuring and gave me the self-trust to move forward. And now, as it turned out, attending the group has been the highlight of my life. I will never be able to thank you for all you’ve given me. Thank you!” Stephanie S.

“I have been practicing the self-help with gestalt and my life is the bomb in a good way. Also, I heard you wrote 2 new books so I ordered them both. Can’t wait to see you in a year or two for a refresher. ” Kris K.

“HEY! OMG! Within days of graduating I landed my DREAM job! My self-esteem is through the roof, and I KNOW that’s why I got hired!” Patti D.

“Sorry it took so long to write, but  AND lol it’s all for good cause. After the group ended I was unsure about what I would do. Long story short, I volunteered on the most incredible experience of my life, rebuilding homes destroyed by the hurricane. Before meeting you I would not leave the house. Now I’m traveling across the country!” Cheryl B.

“Hey Jan, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you for giving me my life back. Never again will I be a victim. And my kids are so proud of me. You were right. The power was always within. Thank you Jan. I love you.” Rachel A.

crying eye

“You really know how to bring a girl to tears! Ha ha. Kidding. I did a lot of crying but it washed away my blocks. I feel so good. If you were a man, I’d kiss you on your lips, but just know that you mean the world to me and I will never forget all that I learned in the group.” Ladanya C.

“Jan, you are the woman I aspire to be. Thank you for shining your glorious light in the world and for showing me how to shine mine. I love you!” Karen K.

“Thanks for giving me back myself. (I couldn’t have done it without you.)” Stevie S.

“It’s been 16 months and I am still sailing high! You gave me the tools to release those yucky memories and once they were removed I flew to the moon. Okay, not yet to the moon, but at least to the stars. 🙂 And I wanted to say congratulations for your new book. I just ordered a copy. I’m excited to read it, mostly just as a refresher and to see if you held back anything! lol. Thank you. Love you.” Becka C.

Moon Dance

“Hey Jan. It’s been awhile. Just wanted to let you know that I still hear your voice in my head telling me ‘that’s right’ when I ‘guess’ about my questions. And I have now been keeping a dream journal and have been working out my dreams. It’s so cool to have those answers. And I am still telling myself that I am worthy. The results are that my wife and I have really bonded since we met you. There’s more, but/and I just wanted to touch base and say thanks.” Chris G.

“I’m still open to receiving! And man have I been receiving some great stuff. My life is finally my own. I OWN my life, the whole/gestalt and I owe it to you. Thank you. Thank me. 🙂 Oh, PS. I ordered your book Escaping the Chrysalis, and I LOVE it!” Bobbi C.

“It’s time that I wrote to tell you what has happened since I met you and the others at the Goddess Group. First, I threw the bum to the curb and it’s funny that I have learned to accept the calmness. You showed me that I was addicted to the drama and chaos, if you recall. Anyway, I enrolled in college and I am in my final semester of this year. It’s the greatest thing, next to coming through the group, that I have ever done. And all my friends are so impressed they can’t wait to read your book. You said you were cutting back on the frequency of the groups, but just with my friends, we could fill a whole one! And we would own our whole together. Maybe you could offer ‘friend’ rates for groups like you do for your books? It’s with tears in my eyes that I write to say thank you for showing me the light. Now my light shines bright. Much love to you always in all ways.” Vic T.

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“Now that some time has passed and more truths reveal themselves to me, I am inclined to share some revelations with you. First, you are so generous and so overflowing with love –real love, for humankind that I think you are an angel. You are calm and peaceful in your approach and you made me feel safe. The revelation is that I was so used to feeling stressed and scared that I had to get in touch with that familiar feeling which we know was a fear-based feeling, and eventually write a new story, just as you suggested. My new story is so beautiful Jan. I am so forever indebted to you for your wise woman influence in my life. I hear your soft voice often in my head, nudging me to ‘step into my wholeness’. Each day I express gratitude and each day there is more to be grateful for. And included in the daily gratitude is always a nod to you for bringing ‘me to the surface of all those years of debris. While I write this, I have tears in my eyes because I am so happy. I am that butterfly you write about. And my wings are strong and gorgeous. I love you for loving me, and for showing me my goddess self.” Phyl W.


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