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Well, THAT was FUN!

THAT WAS Fun! It’s been a rip-roaring-weekend in the MINDFUL LIFE CREATION course at the Winged-Women Academy! And now I am going to go and take a nap! LOL.

Although after today, I am not (constantly) in the MINDFUL LIFE CREATION course portal at the Winged-Women Academy, it’s not too late to enroll. In fact, now that the comments have been paraphrased and posted, this may just be the BEST TIME to enroll! That way you get to see the comments while they’re still up. (Students’ names and comments are purged for privacy.)

With that said, tuition now goes up from $11 (Yep, $11) to $47 after today. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn some easy-to-implement mindfulness practices into your life, get in now before the tuition hike.

By the way, once you’re enrolled, you have LIFE-TIME access to the course…. You can refresh your mindfulness any time you choose!

Thanks for all of you who kept me hopping, answering questions, addressing comments, and paraphrasing responses! If you are enrolled, watch your in-box, because a little bonus is coming your way. It’s my way of saying “Thanks” for participating. It was a lot of fun. And I hope, it inspires you to incorporate and practice mindfulness daily.

Here’s the link if you want to learn
MINDFUL LIFE CREATION: Incorporating Up-Leveling Practices (easily) into Daily Life

(hash tag: EXHAUSTED!)

PS~ If you haven’t yet checked out the Winged-Women Academy, go there and bookmark the page. In a few weeks, something truly life transforming is coming. You don’t want to miss a THING!

PSS~ Do you know someone who would benefit from incorporating MINDFUL LIFE CREATION strategies into their life? if so, please pass this content on.


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