The Charge of “TOO”

Courage is the new pink 2

Does the charge of “too” stop you from expanding into further greatness and fulfillment? Are you held back and still playing small, reciting excuses of too big, too expensive, too scary, too weird, too anything?

As we begin stepping into our passionate purpose, others may not like it. Your friends, relatives, and acquaintances are used to you in a certain setting and role, and will strive to keep you “in your place.” Those familiar with you will fight, subconsciously and then consciously, to keep the status quo.

Playing small is, on the outside, easier than playing large. Of course, the truth is that playing small brings small or no rewards. Playing large, in your most lofty magnanimous position, brings rewards of equally grand proportion. And I’m not strictly referring to monetary gains, although irrefutable evidence shows the income expands with the size of the self-image. I’m talking about the tsunami of positive ripples that are created from great players as great thoughts and concepts are shared.

Stepping out from our familiar zone into the grand arena takes courage. That inner voice may chatter that it’s too vulnerable to let others see your authenticity; that it’s too scary to be in front of others -with all eyes affixed on you; that it’s too hard to fight against the opinions of those who prefer you stay small; that it’s simply too hard to change; that the risk means you might lose and that’s just too much to survive; that it’s too risky to start your own business and it takes far too much responsibility; that it’s too scary to trust you to make that payroll; that it’s too time consuming to be the boss; that it’s too hard on so many levels; that it takes too much education; that it’s too costly; that it’s too ______________ (fill in the blank with your own “too”). That it’s too late. That you’re too old….

The energetic charge of “too” is a fear-based energy. Fear keeps you stuck on the kids’ playground. “Too” is the frequency of fear. And you’re broadcasting that fear into the universal ethers and it is being answered, unless you’ve seen the fear and altered your fear into fuel to re-calibrate your life flight plan.

Remove the word “too” from your inner head speak. Refuse to hear it from others or from your scared inner small person. Refuse to absorb the external sources as they tell you where your small place is. Too is nothing but a word that keeps you small.

It’s NOT too late, too scary, too intimidating, too risky, too costly to step into your authentic whole passionate calling.

The real fear to address might better be the one that sees you on your death-bed, regretting that you were too paralyzed by fear to trust yourself to step into the brilliance of your calling.

It’s your calling. Answer it.


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