The Daily Authenticity Checklist…

Why would I gift The Daily Authenticity Checklist to you?

Here’s the thing that matters, or rather, guides me to gift the checklist to you. With over 3 decades of empowering women under my belt, what I can say with certainty is that we have all absorbed beliefs and patterns from our caregivers, our teachers, leaders, peers, institutions, etc.  Some of those beliefs were absorbed by watching others, and many were absorbed while we were still pre-verbal. Yesterday, I was a party to an amazing hypnotherapy session that took me back to an age before I could speak. It was a profound awakening that words cannot do justice for, so I will sum it up by saying I touched the root of where my most embedded pattern was planted. And under hypnosis, I could clearly see how the seeds of that experience when I was still pre-verbal, have grown as a very strong thread in my life tapestry. It has been a pattern that wrapped me in doubt and lack and ruled my life for too many years. The hypnotherapy experience was powerful. But I couldn’t help but consider how much time I could have saved in my personal growth process had I been privy to this form of tapping into our inner roots when I was much younger.

We are blessed to be living in a period where self growth and taking an inner journey is not only acceptable, it’s preferable. And I am all about collecting all the tools I can find to help empower anyone who is ready to take that inner journey. Although I am a licensed hypnotherapist, I am not able to hypnotize anyone in a blog post. What I am able to do is provide you with other tools, like the one I am offering you today. The Daily Authenticity Checklist is a good tracking tool, and I think you will get some benefits, so download it, use it, and let me know how it helps you stay focused.

Download The Daily Authenticity Checklist

Feel free to share this post with anyone who might benefit from this checklist. There is much to be gained by living an authentic life, and much to be healed from the commitment to that lifestyle.

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