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The Fear-Based Nature of Masks

The masks we wear, are fear-based. They are contrived to keep others out of our lives -to prevent them from seeing, or more specifically, touching us at a heart-level, which by the way, is an effective way of scaring away possible suitors….

OR, the masks are a defense mechanism that hides our insecurities as we pretend to feel much more bold than we feel inside.

And by the way, both types of masks are often worn by the same person. We’re not consistently one way or another. And masks are like the hats we wear: They change with the purpose of our nature at any given point.

Think about it:

  • What roles do you take on throughout a typical day?
  • How different are you when you’re in a formal setting than in a casual situation?
  • How varied are your connections with friends?
  • If you’re a parent, you have a different face than you have for your boss, or your lover
  • Maybe you attend religious groups that call for yet another mask….
  • Maybe you have an angry mask for an ex….
  • Maybe you have a ‘smiley face’ for the grocery store check out line.
  • Maybe your main mask is angry, ensuring only those who care enough to get to know the ‘you’ beneath the angry face are friends worth keeping.
  • Sometimes the mask is test for others. They usually fail.

What are you masking?

Because the blog this month is all about the masks we wear, just for fun and self-awareness, take some time to consider all the ways you show up in the world. It’s not a test and you won’t be judged. But you might discover something really empowering….

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Have a great week.




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