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The Feminine Uprising: Shifting from Fear to Love

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There is a feminine uprising taking place. In response to the worn-out patriarchal paradigm of greed, strong-arming, misogyny, and ego-driven action at the cost of anyone in the way, expansive feminine power principles of sharing, nurturing, caring, compassion and collaboration, resonate in the frequency of love and abundance for all, globally.

Women are awakening to their sacred strength, and are embracing self-love as the pathway to abundance in love, money, joy, health, connection to the universe, and to a bliss-filled life. And most importantly, women are connecting to the inner voice, to the divine infinite source of creative and receptive source energy. And when a woman begins to connect within herself, her wings begin to grow….

No longer are women looking at each other as competitors. Rather, we are collectively realizing the beautiful power of feminine principles that support everyone. We understand that there is plenty. There is enough food on the globe to feed everyone. We do not have a shortage of food or money or love. We have a distribution problem caused by greed…. And the cure for this distribution problem is as simple as embracing these values of sharing and cooperation that supports the whole and not the few.

Women are awakening to the reality that our true power is in owning our authentic mind-body-spirit wholeness, and in openly and courageously sharing our love and wisdom with everyone we come into contact with. We share smiles, compliments, and hugs and compassion. We trust in the universe, and know that we are safe and loved, and we allow others that same awareness by our role modeling.

Collectively, women are the swing of the pendulum from fear to love….

Everything has its roots in either low vibration fear-based energy or in high vibration love-based energy. As women, it’s up to us to decide how to respond to any challenges in life. We can, as example, cower to the power that intimidates, or we can rise to our goddess stance, which is to say, rise to our authentic voice. It is to help move the frequency from low energy to a higher vibration of sharing, caring, nurturing our selves and the planet.

Now before you go away feeling as if this page is a bit too far of a swing for you, I want to leave you with this thought:

Every 5000 year, give or take, the energy shifts. And approximately 5500 years ago, women were the healers and care takers and were the high frequency leaders. The time has arrived to be on the leading edge of the shift to from a greedy patriarchy to a generous expansive matriarchy, to living by flow versus fight. It’s like deciding to take a smooth canoe ride down a flowing stream rather than fighting against the tsunami. I prefer the feeling of flowing as opposed to fighting. How about you? Are you ready to manifest the life you want? Are you at least curious enough to envision what that might look like for you, and for the globe as you expand into your authentic voice?

This same feminine frequency is the pathway to abundance. Whether it’s abundance of love or money or health or joy or wisdom you desire, when you shift into the new paradigm, you are moving into the stream of circulating abundance flow.

The truth of this feminine frequency flow is at the core of my newest brainchild to be born….
Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love
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Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

In addition to the free excerpt linked below, the juiciest part of this post is the downloadable MP3 audio below. (Not to be listened to while driving) Be sure and listen in, and touch your inner source of self-love and creation. You see, one of the values of the feminine perspective is that of generous sharing, and I intend to share as much value with you as possible. And I want you to know that I appreciate you sharing this too, with anyone you feel is a suitable fit.

Download a FREE excerpt: Infinite Pie

Download the FREE Podcast: Feminine Frequency MP3

Again I ask you, are you ready to expand into your authentic beautiful expansive full-winged self?




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