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The Flying Game Might Give YOU Wings

The Flying Game might give YOU wings…and help you reconnect with your inner super hero…

Can you recall a time when you were super confident? Nothing scared you…well almost nothing! And then you learned that snakes are slithery, and frogs are wet, and spiders, well spiders just have too many legs so of course they became a little creepy….

Reclaim that inner super hero! Read The Flying Game and be inspired to once again be that tenacious, brave warrioress you were born as. Reconnect with your relentless tenacity and courage and step fully into the light of your limitless potential.

“Stella always won the flying game,” and so can you….

The Flying Game
The Flying Game

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The Flying Game is a fictional account of Stella Harris, a woman who has been on the receiving end of some tough experiences. As a child, Stella dreamed of something bigger, something she didn’t quite understand. What she knew is what she saw in her small town: That birds could fly, so why should she too not be able to spread her wings and soar?

Stella practiced hard. She also often landed hard on the ground following her repeated leaps from rooftops and tall walls. As the children gathered to watch this strange girl who thought she could fly, Stella was energized. Little did she know about lift and thrust and wind currents, but much she learned along the way about how to fly….

The Flying Game might give YOU wings! It may inspire you to take your own leap, trusting your wings will be there when you believe in you….

Excerpt ~The Flying Game



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