The Last Speech You’ll Ever Give

The Last Speech You’ll Ever Give

jan-deelstraHere is a useful technique that may interest you. It’s called The Last Speech. And although it’s called The Last Speech, you can use the technique at anytime you feel the need or desire. The Last Speech is a simple and effective means for finishing any unfinished business that may be stopping your from moving forward. Much of the time, when the energetic charge is altered, a transformational shift results. Now that the once blocked energy is freed up, it’s available for use in a more productive fashion.

In a proverbial nutshell, here’s how The Last Speech works:

Perhaps there is an old lover, or a parent, a teacher, or someone (or a group of someones) you wish to clear things up with. Regardless of where the person or persons are, regardless of whether they are from the past or the present, living or dead, you can bring them into consciousness, and standing up as if you are at the podium, give the last speech.

Start by seeing the person in front of you.
Can you imagine him/her/them there in front of you?

Ground yourself energetically by taking a deep breath, and physically by standing with your feet at shoulder width apart. Begin the process by looking at the invited guest and saying, “This is the last speech I’m ever going to give, and it’s directed at you.” Then commence to tell them anything you need to say in order to finish business. If you’re harboring anger at the person or persons, start there. Tell them, “I’m angry, and that anger is directed at you.” Tell them all the reasons you can think of for being angry at them. Speak until your speech is finished. You will instinctively know when that is. Be sure to include appreciations for the experience you shared with that person. Even from the most nefarious comes a blessings. Find that gem of gratitude and free yourself up for some positive shifting.

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