The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways is a 350 page nod back to simpler solutions and concepts, such as a natural (non-opioid) pain solutions. This is the stuff our great grandparents knew and lived by, but which is “lost” in favor for not always better, modern modalities.

The Lost Ways contains information that may get you through times when modern conveniences are hard to come by, but more importantly, The Lost Ways contains timeless content.

I’m not a fatalist, however, I am a 5th generation pioneer, having come from a strong stock of pioneer women, That “shoulder to the wheel” standard of not being afraid to work, has gotten me through life. As is addressed in the video you will see when you click this link,¬†you’ll see that not much has actually changed. We are still able to plant gardens, learn the natural remedies and food sources that grow seasonally in any area. It makes sense to eat the local offerings, yet few of us are aware of naturally growing plants that we often uproot in order to plant lawn or lay asphalt….

Here’s the thing: I am not here as an alarmist; there’s plenty to alarm you on your local news.
I am here to offer you The Lost Ways as an addition to your current lifestyle, and to provide you with some of that “old fashioned” pioneer wisdom that helped them to live off the land and cure illness without big pharmaceutical companies. Remedies that come from your yard are often tasty additions to salads and soups and teas and don’t cost a fortune!

Anyway, I just ordered my copy, and it will go on the shelf next to my great grandma’s hand-written cookbook…. And even though I am definitely not an alarmist or a follower of conspiracies, I do agree that we can all do better when we live in sync with Nature.


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