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The Third Secret Step for Manifesting What YOU Really DO Want

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The third secret step for manifesting what you want is the step that will keep you going when life obstacles get in the way. It’s the energy that will catapult you from here to there, once you have decided where “there” is, and have set your sights on that trajectory. The third secret step for manifesting what you want is what I have coined to be passionate action.

Let’s refresh for a moment before getting into the ways that passionate action will fuel you to your desired manifestation.

The first secret step in manifesting is clarity. As discussed in the first secret step for manifesting post, you get what you focus on, and your self-doubts are the barriers to manifesting what you DO want. The link is live if you wish to re-visit that first secret step before progress further in the steps.

The second secret step in manifesting is releasing self-doubt and embracing self-worth. It’s not possible to realize the manifestations you desire while being held back by inner doubts. The link in this paragraph is also a live link that you can use to re-visit the second secret step to manifesting prior to progressing to the third secret step fir manifesting what you really want.

When you are ready to take the third secret step to manifesting, it’s crucial to identify your big “why” as the passion generator that will lead you thru even tough times to realization of your desire.  When you know your why, you can draw on that knowledge as the source of energy to fuel your trajectory. That why is what gets you out of bed in the morning. And it’s the fuel that will keep you on track when your excitement starts to wane (and it will). Because it will have to take you thru the times when you may want to give up, it’s important that your why be grand enough to sustain a potent level of energy

So how do you determine your big “why”?

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To determine your big why, just as you did in step one, pull out your journal and give yourself some time and space in which to be calm and allow your thoughts to settle. Look at your manifestation dream, and consider what will change when you realize that dream. How will your life be improved? Who else will be impacted? What will manifestation of this dream mean for you?

As an example, achieving a specific weight goal might improve a physical health condition, or/and it may allow you to feel more confident. This newfound confidence may translate into enhanced relationships, career opportunities, and more. The goal of achieving the desired body image blossoms into immeasurable benefits. By feeling into that end result, by trying on the possibilities, by beginning to trust that you can live the life you desire, your why is intensified.

Let’s look at another manifestation dream, that of achieving a determined financial goal. What will change when the wealth goal is reached? Who will benefit? What are the possibilities when there is an abundance of money? If philanthropy is a dream, the big why is tied to all that can be done when that wealth level is reached. Not only will your life change, but consider how the lives of others will be improved. Focusing on the possibilities unleashes the power source of the why.

Whatever it is you wish to manifest, the secret sauce to realizing that manifestation is consistently focusing on your big why. Raising your vibration with the excitement of all that can transform brings your dream to reality. That consistent energy is the fuel that propels you to manifesting your dream. Stay the trajectory with daily thoughts and emotions of you living the dream you desire.

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