The “YOU” Benefits of Gestalt

jan-deelstra-2Let’s face it: FEW folks know what “gestalt” is, so how could they possibly know how impactful it is?

With that in mind, I decided to make a list of some of the “YOU” benefits of Gestalt.

First, “gestalt” means “whole.” It follows then, that each of us were born whole and complete, and were then systematically taught, conditioned, indoctrinated, culturally immersed, and otherwise melded to fit certain standards and cultural molds, and to subscribe to a determined set of social mores.

We bought into the biases of institutions and families, and of the political culture in which we were born. In other words, we are each a product of our chance of birth. And have no doubt, it was chance.

Gestalt starts at the beginning. By re-visiting the perfection of your human organism at birth, we can observe that infants get their needs met without manipulating or posturing. A baby cries when he/she is hungry, cold, wet, messy, in need of love, etc. An infant doesn’t look around the room to see how he/she compares to others; a child doesn’t really care if his/her socks are pink or blue or match their diaper; you’ll never hear a baby wondering if her/his hair style is on-trend.

And contrary to some of the recent televised pageants, babies don’t need lip gloss and rouge to look their best.

Babies, before they are tainted by society, family, and peers, are the most authentic creatures on the planet. We can learn a LOT by watching them.

Power of Vulnerability

For the next 30 days, rather than finding an infant to emulate, decide instead to become acutely self-aware. Notice everything about you. Hear each word, and note the cadence of every sentence you utter; pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally under any situation; notice how you use your eyes when you pass someone in the supermarket; feel what happens to your palms, heartbeat, breath when you are among strangers, and then again when you are among loved-ones; notice you spectral mood swings and the energy you bring into the room at any given time.

Do not judge. Just pay attention to how you feel, physically and emotionally.

Thirty days.


When you look in the bathroom mirror each morning, notice if it is awkward to make eye contact with yourself. Do you look away? Do you use your eyes to deflect whatever you don’t want to see?
I’ve had clients run (yes, literally) screaming from the room rather than look themselves in the mirror.

LOOK. Look and really see. Give yourself permission to observe your whole self as you are being reflected back.

And when you are ready, make arrangements for a Discovery Consultation. It’s FREE. And it’s (generally speaking), painless.

Here’s that list of “YOU” benefits of Gestalt:

• Skyrocket your self-esteem because self-esteem affects EVERY FACET of YOUR life.
• Communicate effectively and assertively to get your needs met and not be victimized.
• Release internal blocks to success and make-way for fulfillment.
• Heal your inner child and forgive your trespassers and more importantly, forgive YOU.
• Attract opportunities and be secure enough to take advantage when they come around.
• Achieve goals that you really desire.
• Attain your goal weight and health and balance.
• Attract healthy balanced relationships with your mirror reflection.
• Release victim behavior and never again be at the mercy of another.
• Let go of scarcity mentality and prosper because it is your optimal state of being.
• Interpret dreams for valuable content and use that information to your benefit.
• Define your life on your terms. Period.
• Own your personal power, because dis-owning it is ugly and ineffective.
• Allow the flow of wealth and abundance and circulate the energies.   freedom

Remember, “Gestalt” means “whole” and so are you, once you re-claim the disowned portions of your whole self.

The outcome being offered here is FREEDOM. Isn’t that really what we’re all seeking?

Humans are meant to live in homeostasis (balance). Gestalt gives you to tools and techniques to thrive in whole aligned balance of mind, body, and spirit.

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One thought on “The “YOU” Benefits of Gestalt

  1. Yes, the environment that we grow in certainly affects our up bringing. It’s like the parrot that lived with the thieves and the parrot that lived with the monks in the temple. The human mind tends to cling on to the past because it only knows that. In doing so, we forget the present and of course the future. Living in the “now” was preached by the Buddha thousands of years ago and is better understood now than ever and is relevant to present day living. Without clinging into the past but learning from its experiences and moving forward should be the way to happiness. Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, being aware of the present will help with high self esteem. Controlling mind, word and action makes a person better which will lead to a better world. Perhaps our politicians learn this first, before they charge into war!

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