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There is Infinite Pie that feeds you and helps fight childhood cancers

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The truth is, women and men see “money” thru different lenses.  Historically, and still prevalent in traditional perspectives, men are the ones in charge of everything from ruling the kingdoms, to earning the money to grow that kingdom. And that kingdom may be larger than the White House in Washington, D.C., or it may be as small as his dog’s house. Make no mistake, there is still a wide array of distinct differences when it comes to gender and money.  It may be a purse, but men still control its strings.

Women, traditionally, have left the care and feeding of the money and all it encompasses to the “man of the house”.  This means that there is imbalance, a power struggle over how money is spent, earned, and what the purpose of money actually is. Most of us have never stopped to consider the role money plays. In that case, the clear and simple answer is that money is power. That truth will likely never change. What can change, is one’s perspective. And by identifying the ways in which that power is dis-owned, we can ultimately change the results of the status quo, improving our lives, and by methods of cause and effect, we also alter the lives of others.

  • It’s true that women still earn less for the same job that a man is paid more for doing. Ever so slowly, that imbalance is being adjusted.
  • It’s also true that many women leave “money issues” to men, either as managers or as romantic partners. This vulnerability can be deadly.

As a woman, you may be so entrenched in the familial and cultural and even political roles of handling money, that you don’t notice the role you are playing. You may also fail to see that your control of money is limited….

  • Who were your role models when it comes to money?
  • Did your mother have a secret stash?
  • Did your father handle the money?
  • Did you witness arguing and fights about money?

Until you see the ways in which you are giving up control of your money, you will be left vulnerable. And unless you begin to see the ways in which your sense of self-worth and deservingness is affecting the flow of the unlimited money that is your birthright, and unless you cease to block the flow of money into your life, you will never truly experience the prosperity that is yours for the asking.

There is a direct correlation between self-esteem and income.

Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love is available on Amazon, and when you use the previous hyperlink, a donation from each sale is made to St. Jude’s to support cancer cures and enhance treatment for children suffering from the horrific effects that cancer brings. But that’s not the only reason to click that hyperlink….

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra
Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Frequency of Money & Love

Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love gives you the story line about how your money story was created. It also offers you the tools to help you finally see that money is not limited by some external force. Your money story is limited only by your beliefs, and beliefs are just thoughts that you’ve repeated for so long, that you now believe them to be facts. They are not facts. They are stories. And when you begin to see your beliefs for what they are, limiting beliefs, you can decide what is limiting and what is empowering you to own your money story, written by you and for you.

There is “Infinite Pie” and you can take as big a piece as you want without hurting anyone else. Women tend to believe that there is a finite supply that will run dry. But that’s not the case. Your money doesn’t come out of the sky or out of the hand of someone else. It begins inside of you, where all your stories are held.

Image by Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Start to re-write your money story by discovering the roots of where it began….

  • What did you witness as a child, when it came to money?
  • How does gender affect the way you see money?
  • What thoughts about money, have you turned into beliefs?
  • Do you feel you are deserving of money?
  • How do you interact with money when it does show up?
  • What are your 5 worst habits when it comes to handling money?
  • How are you repelling the money that longs to come to you?

When you have answered the questions, you can begin to let go of old worn-out beliefs that no longer serve your best interest. And if you find that your self-esteem has slowed the flow of abundance, start there. Work on your self-image and bolster your self-worth and deservingness to allow money to come to you. You deserve infinite pie…. Gently release any resistance to the fact that you are the creator of your life circumstances. Cease to blame others, or the current political climate, or the stock market, or any other source. You alone have the sole ability to live the life you desire and deserve.

Relax into the knowingness, that you, as much as anyone, are deserving. Throughout the day, try on your new story by taking a few minutes to feel what it feels like to always have enough money. How does your life change when you have money to allow you to do all that you can dream of doing?

  • What causes do you support with your tithes?
  • What car do you drive when you can drive anything?
  • What home do you live in when money is not a block, but instead supports your dream home?
  • What furnishings surround you?
  • What hobbies do you play with, when money is not a factor?
  • How does it feel emotionally as you experience the emotions of prosperity?

Practice relaxing into this emotional state of wealth several times each day, and most especially, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. When you feel into this level of beingness, you are vibrating your allowance of abundance into your life. This truly is the point of attraction for your wealth flow.

As you practice feeling into the emotional high of unlimited wealth, what thoughts raise their ugly voices as you consider yourself to be wealthy? These thoughts are habits that surface in an attempt at resistance to your well-deserved abundance. Listen to the thoughts. Give them your full attention. Consciously determine if these thoughts are serving you, or limiting you.  If the thoughts are repetitive beliefs that hold you small, thank them for their service, and send them on their way with love. You no longer require them.

To learn more about the ultimate pathway to abundance, and to uncover and release the resistance you have to money attainment, pick up a copy of Infinite Pie, on Amazon, where your purchase helps treat and cure childhood cancers. The cause is a great one to support, and it feels good to know that your donation is going to such a great cause even as you are reaping the benefits contained in Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance….**

** Read/Download an excerpt:
Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love

(The excerpt will open in a new tab.)

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MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting

There’s a lot going on in the world today, and your financial security need not be attached to that turbulence. You can control your abundance flow, and it doesn’t take years to figure out the system that DID take me DECADES to perfect.

MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting is an actionable, yet easy to follow format. Each week of the seven build on the prior lessons. The course is presented using audio, video, and PDF formats that together, result in higher retention. And by the way, once you’re enrolled, you have forever access.

Complete each weekly module as it arrives, in your own time-frame, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. Don’t worry about tests or time limits. You can do this! And once you’ve done this, you’ll have in your financial and self-love arsenal, the time-tested tools to keep money flowing into your life.

Imagine all you will do, and who you will be, when money is no longer an issue…. Click on the hyperlink to learn more and to discover the ways in which this transformational course can enhance your life and the lives of those around you. You have nothing to lose but inner blocks to prosperity!

You are worthy, and you deserve to live an abundant lifestyle, where money is no longer the excuse for living small.

Money worries and stress lead to a plethora of ills, including broken relationships, dis-ease, diseases and even to death. It’s no secret that those with money generally live longer healthier lives, and have access to the best health care there is. It’s also no secret that money affords for fresher foods, and healthier lifestyle choices. No doubt, you can think of multiple ways in which limitless abundance would improve your self-care and wellness. You can’t put a price on that.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Your life is the picture of a series of choices you’ve made, or failed to make.

You can make the choice to stay on the track you’re on, with the results being predictably the same as your life is currently. Or, if your life is not all you know it can be, you can make the choice to create consciously, beginning with enrolling in a transformational process that delivers new results and up-levels your lifestyle. It truly is, in your hands.  It’s always a choice to either take proactive steps, or to choose to do nothing.  Even nothing is a choice.



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