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There is No “5 Second Rule” for Letting Go of Inner Blocks. Don’t Pick IT Back Up.


[bctt tweet=”There is no 5 Second Rule for letting go. Don’t pick it back up, whatever it is, unless you intend to begin again the process of healing.” via=”no”]

Here’s an example: You have had an “aha” epiphany about something that stops you from being really successful, or about some inner block that has kept you feeling small and inadequate.


You make a conscious decision to release the inner belief or block or habit. You take the necessary steps, and you vow to release the behavior or energy that has held you back for so long. And ultimately, you go through the ritual of letting it go.

Within hours, or days, or weeks, you are ruminating on that same inner blockage and behavior, not even conscious of the slip back into the past behavior.feeling defeated

  • What went wrong?
  • Why wasn’t the vow kept?
  • Why didn’t the release stick?

[bctt tweet=”The release didn’t stick because you picked it back up!”]

When someone makes a vow to quit smoking, and then picks up and lights a cigarette and inhales, the vow is broken. Regardless of any ritual that took place to release the habit, once it is picked back up, the process to release it beings again.

It’s like that with the release of inner blocks to success. If you go through the process of discovering what the challenge is, and then take steps to release the challenge, and then go back to the start and once again focus on the same challenge (pick it back up) you will need to start the process again.


Once you have addressed any issue, and have made the vow and taken the steps to release it, don’t pick it up again. And when you are tempted, be aware of what you are doing, and refuse to pick it back up again. Instead, place your attention on the new behavior you are cultivating, and not on digging up the seeds to see if they are growing!

As a personal example, I will share that I had discovered my role in manifesting a great deal of things that came to fruition. Once I truly understood the simplicity, and once I aligned my thoughts, feelings, and intentions, that alignment brought about the fruits.

When I first learned it however, I tripped over my own self-doubts much of the time, and found that I really needed to stay aligned, and fear-free in order to continue to attract that which I desired. It was an internal shift that took practice. I had been familiar with the feelings of worry and fear and lack, and I needed to release those attractors in order to attract what I DID want as opposed to what I was worried about.

[bctt tweet=”The key to alignment and manifestation in my example, was meditation on gratitude.” via=”no”]


Each morning, to this day, I begin with an expression of gratitude for having a new day in which to play, to serve, to explore, to experience.

Each evening, I express gratitude for at least 3 things from that day. Some days are more of a challenge than others, and on those days, I vow to not close my eyes to sleep until I have given thanks for at least 5 things.

Finally, just before falling asleep, I condition my mind to dream of the desired fruitful life I am living. I close my eyes and see the perfect scenario as designed by me. This pretty much guarantees I will dream of my ideal life of ease. It’s interesting to note that dreams created under these positive emotions are quite restful and self-affirming.

So there you have it: A simple means of manifesting the life you desire. As a short refresher, start with where you are, and decide where you want to be and what you intend to create. Then fertilize the intention with rich doses of supportive emotion.

Keep me posted on how it works out for you!

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