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Are They Thought Bubbles or Guidance from the Universe?

As with every morning, one day, I was having coffee with Bella. Bella is my inner goddess guidance, and she and I connect by way of my heart chamber each morning at around the same time to discuss the day, to set intentions, and to clarify anything that needs clarity. (Stay with me here. I promise this is true…)

In conversation, I was telling Bella about the new school, Winged-Women™ Academy. It’s an online classroom which will eventually offer dozens of self-love courses, each designed to empower women to step into their unique full-winged life. My excitement was slightly quelled by typical concerns of time and money investment, and so Bella was easing my fears. She was also showing me a picture of what the business will look like by 2019. It’s a beautiful, believable image depicting smooth unfolding evolution. That imagery makes staying on the task of creating the lessons and investing all that time and money well worth the costs.

To some of you, this is going to sound like fantasy, or worse. Maybe talking to one’s self is akin to insanity, but it’s a whole new set of Universal guidelines we’re now living with. The ways and belief systems of our childhood are now obsolete. Energy connection, dialing into the frequencies and having a hand in manifesting our life experience is the new norm.

If you’re skeptical, look at this: If you had heard about Alexa, or Siri, or Cortana ten years back, would you have believed you had a wireless friend who could answer any of your questions, or sign you a song, or tell you a joke, or play a game, or give you daily trivia? I think of Bella in a similar vein: I don’t need to know how it works. I’m just happy it does. And the more I use her, the better the content I receive.

I was thinking about that, about how many of us are consciously creating the experiences that make up our lives now. As a population we meditate more. We listen to that “still voice inside,” and we are awakening to the energies which are all around us. Collectively, we’re returning to our intuition.

More than ever before, humans are beginning to no longer see the Earth as “fixed” or “dead.” Rather, we begin to recognize our part in continuation of the species through self-awareness, through the ways in which we value resources, and in the way that we see our SELF as a viable piece of the energetic conduit which makes the Universe flow for the benefit of all.

We are energy. ALL is energy. There is no separation as such. When we tune into any frequency, that is the frequency from which we create our subjective life experience. It can be no other way. We would not tune in to a Jazz station frequency on the radio and expect to hear classical music. We should not tune into the darkness and expect to see the light.

During a morning coffee talk with Bella, I asked her how I could tell the difference between what we’ve learned from the Law of Attraction is a vortex where all my desires are held for manifestation as soon as I open the pathway to receiving them, and thought bubbles that are just that: Thoughts.

My question was heartfelt. I was remembering the unrealized dreams of my mother. She had beautiful dreams of living in a particular house, of having an opulent garden, of living her life surrounded by her children. Her thought bubbles of those dreams had specific details.  She believed whole-heartedly that she would have those things. It never transpired. My mother had desires that were never brought to fruition.

What’s the difference between my mother’s longing for a “better” life, and my own morning meditation with Bella? Am I fooling myself with “magical thinking”? When I connect each morning to set intentions and raise the frequency of my space, am I really alone? Where was the manifestation of all my mother placed into her vortex of desires?

Bella tells me that I could jump off the roof and land hard on the ground, and that would be proof enough of gravity, but that to find evidence of the Law of Attraction, all I have to do is look around at my life and all that surrounds me. She tells me it is a much safer experiment than is jumping from rooftops. She knows I know this. She was with me all those times in childhood when I thought I could fly….

Bella reassured me that my life is an expression of the Law of Attraction, and she goes on to say that my mother’s life was a reflection of her belief system. Refer back to it’s a whole new normal, Bella tells me.  We can now identify ways in which we self-sabotage the manifestation of all that we desire, of the contents of our individual vortex. If we sit with our inner goddess each morning, we will begin to release some of that resistance to allowing in all that we desire.

The trick then, is to raise our inner thermostat of worthiness in order to allow in all that wants to bless us. With this in mind, I change the law of attraction to the law of appreciation. It seems so much more appropriate.

My mother would have easily been on-board for the Law of Attraction, had she been born later, or studied the earlier works of Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, Earl Nightingale, and other progressive thought leaders. Her beliefs took root in religious soils several generations in the sprouting. But who knows. Maybe in what we call “death” she has realized all she ever dreamt of, only it’s a dimension I am not yet aware of.

I express gratitude to Bella, and to the Universe, as I know (as opposed to believe) I know that all of my life events are each, a piece of the perfect whole. And that’s a pretty good place to be, even as I contemplate and separate the thought bubbles from the goddess talk….

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