Jan Deelstra, Women's Empowerment Consultant

Congratulations to all who got in on this ultra-valuable ‘monstrous’savings’ and landed a MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSION.

Time’s up for the monster meet and greet! All MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS are taken. That’s no surprise since they were offered at 90% savings.

If you were interested in getting one of these sessions, I hope you were able to get on my schedule. I’m not sure I’ll ever offer this again, but then again, like childbirth, in time we forget the pain, and some of us do it again….

To be very candid, the 90-minute sessions take a lot of time and energy. I have to be ultra-mindful of my self-care during one of these jam-packed months where I interact with multiple people over the course of a day, and then a week, and a month. These special offers lay directly over my already full calendar, sometimes making scheduling a challenge, and making some days very busy, but always rewarding.

Generally, (and if you’ve coached with me you know this to be true) I black out the last week of each month for what I call “creation time”. That’s when I dive head first into product and services creation mode, and it’s the period where a lot of the videos, memes, and such are crafted.

Creation week is different from any other week of the months, because I don’t interact with clients; that too gives me a bit of space for self-care and rejuvenation. There’s little actually scheduled, except for large blocks of time, during which I create content. I can work as long and hard as I like, without interruption, and I am free to take breaks whenever I choose. The truth is, I have to set alarms to remind me to take breaks; it’s easy to stay immersed in the creation process….

I bring this up now, because it’s a reminder that even when we’re trying to do our best, we may have to back away from portions of life. There are demands, of course, that must be met. If others depend on you for their care and feeding, you’re obligated to show up. And that means being equally aware of your own self-care and nurturing.

The basic image in my head as I write this, is of the air mask dropping down in the cabin when the plane is in distress. But I want to remind you to not wait for a potential disaster before you place that metaphoric oxygen to your nostrils. Practice self-care as a way of life, and you’ll have less distress to handle. And if you’re looking for a place to reinforce that level of self-care, or if you are interested in creating a more mindful lifestyle, check out the totally free Facebook group, MINDFUL LIFE CREATION. You’ll find a lot of kindred friends there, and you’ll find a lot of free content to inspire you to live your best life.

And as far as the MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS go, I did open up the ‘first-come first-served wait-list.  Anyone that comes in via the wait-list will be notified, and will only be invoiced for the $97 fee for the session once we’ve contacted you (No credit card required for the wait list. You’ll be billed only once you’re scheduled).

That list can move quickly if cancellations are made, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate.
Get on the list: http://www.jandeelstra.com/sold-out/