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Too Sensitive for Public Consumption

Today is one of those days when some things that I write feel too sensitive for public consumption. Yet here I am, fingertips tapping away as thoughts colored now with a twisted cord of vacillating emotions fight thru the underbrush of self-doubt and splatter the page in Jackson Pollock* style.

Don’t expect too much and you won’t be let down…. These words must have come from my life’s soundtrack; I’m sure I’ve heard the lyrics in my head, guiding the way, keeping me on track, if not in the groove, and ensuring I don’t get too full of myself, get too big for my britches…. and now I wonder if that’s not my mother’s voice, admonishing the perils of conceit....

Regardless of who owns the original copyright on the reprimand, I own it now, because after all, it’s homesteading prime real estate in my head. I’m effectively the caretaker of that plot. It’s up to me to decide what to keep and what to dig up and discard.

If left unattended, unloved, unkempt, that otherwise lovely garden quickly becomes a weed patch, seeded by even the slightest wind’s scatterings of recycled messages learned when we’re too young to question the authority or the accuracy of the message. The mind, with its fertile soils, requires constant gardening. It’s part of a fragile ecosystem with roots that grow, as in any garden, producing both good and bad fruits to be examined, enjoyed, or discarded.

But don’t start to cordon off the mind as being the only contributor to this life garden, because that would be short-sighted.

There is more to you than mere mindset….

There is a whole/gestalt you, that mind/body/spirit self, that when aligned with your passion, your purpose, your desires, and with that of your infinite self, is the creator of a garden that surpasses your most imagined spectacularity.

I persuade you today to not expect too much from me, because I don’t want you to feel let down by me. You see, when others are trying to tell you that they are your guru, I am here to tell you that I am not….

Yes, I am a fantastic coach because I have spectacular tools, unsurpassed insight, acute intuition, and decades of experience. And that does NOT make me your guru. My passion-driven purpose is to give you the gardening tools, to direct you to the patches that may need some weeding, and to show you how to plant the seeds of everything you DO want to cultivate and to weed-out that which doesn’t bring you beauty and joy and abundance….

I’m NOT Your Guru.

But YOU Are….

Rather than seeing me or anyone else as your guru, I want you to break free of any rotted notions of conceit, and to own every fucking** thing about you that makes you YOU in the most brilliantly lit capital letters possible. I want you to SHINE YOUR BRILLIANCE. TO OWN YOUR UNIQUE LIGHT. And I want you to do that starting at this exact moment, no excuses, facing the fears, transmuting the past shackles whatever they may be. Because your prime real estate should only be occupied by the most deserving thoughts and emotions and experiences. OWN it like you would if suddenly you won the lottery and could buy the most magnificent home imaginable. Because truthfully, isn’t your life worth much more than that mansion?

What we think our life will be is rarely the outcome.

The final result of what we set out to do is not guaranteed. What we think our life will be is rarely the outcome. That is, in fact, if we ever do invest the time to consider what it is that we are creating within the margins of birth and death. Most don’t. Humans have a defect that causes us to believe we are indispensable, that we can go about wasting time as though we have infinite sands in our subjective hourglass. And then we are gone. Time’s up. Lights out. A dead patch in history.

If your mental real estate is plagued by homesteaders leaving litter and neglecting weeds, your outward life will exhibit the signs of neglect. (As within, so with out….) You can’t fake it. The truth of what’s inside seeps out like spilled paint run amok.

Conversely, when you tend to the care of, and enhance what is already here, when you adorn, maintain, and love and cherish the grounds, your life experience, although never quite what we originally anticipated, becomes a true work of art.

*Jackson Pollock was a 20th century American abstract (expressionist movement) artist.
** Expletive used as indication of fervor. No offense intended.



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