Even Gorgeous Goddesses sometimes feel like there's "never enough" money... (You want this action guide...)

Top 8 MONEY BLOCKS and How to Turn Them Around

This Action Guide: Top 8 MONEY BLOCKS and How to Turn Them Around may come in handy if you seem to be stuck in a money cycle of “never enough” or its close cousin, “barely enough to make ends meet....”

The truth is, most of what you learned about money, you learned before you entered the school yard playground….

You were a child absorbing the messages that others were spewing. This is only good news if your adult caregivers were financially secure, and aware that their attitudes, beliefs, and words were molding you, creating your adult consequences that would come of those same (limiting) beliefs. 

Women especially, are at risk of endangering the flow of abundance. Inequitable wages, time off for child birth, being dependent on someone else for financial support, or in some cases, turning control of finances over to someone because we feel inept to handle them. 

The reasons for money blocks are myriad. But the solution is much more simple… Start where you are. That means taking some time for introspection, and for honestly answering some basic questions about your wealth perspective. 

  • Do you have “Money Blocks” that keep you at a consistently predictable wealth level?
  • Did you learn that to be “wealthy” requires one must be greedy or dishonest or worse?
  • Have you committed the fatal flaw of turning care of your finances over to someone else?
  • Can you identify ways in which you give too much power away?
  • Were your feminine role models for money, less than optimal?

Don’t blame your parents!
Instead, take life by the lapels and discover the wisdom contained in this FREE Action Guide:

How to Turn Them Around

Goddesses like you, can have money blocks too…
Top 8 Money Blocks and How to Turn them Around #FREE Action Guide

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