Transformational Tools: Syncing With New Moon Cycles

Can Syncing Your Desires With New Moon Cycles Transform Your Life?

The window of opportunity for harnessing Nature’s New Moon energies for transforming our lives is approximately three days. Every 28-ish days we are blessed with Nature’s gift of transformational tools: a fresh chance to draw on the energetic women’s wisdom cycle of Nature that supports us in our quest for self-improvement and transformation of any challenges we may be experiencing. It’s truly like receiving a monthly clean slate for manifesting whatever we wish to attract or alter during the coming weeks. And on a grander scale, new moon energy is the perfect free transformational tool for our evolution, and indeed, for transforming our very definition of ourselves as we consciously evolve, even far into the future years ahead.

Moon DanceI take the New Moon energies very seriously. No, I don’t generally dance naked in the moon-less night, but I do take time to reflect, and to then set inspired goals. Quite frankly, I’ll take any support I can get, and if it means paying homage to Luna, and reaping the energetic charge of her grace, then count me in. She’s never failed me yet.


Each New Moon window begins simply with awareness of the opportunity to take a few quiet moments and consider what seeds to plant. Farmers have been planting by the New Moon energies for generations, and there is ample proof to verify that businesses started during the New Moon phase have a higher success rate. It’s also reported that hair, when cut during a New Moon window, is reported to grow faster. That means that if you want to keep your style short, you may want to make your appointment with that stylist during a full moon! Conversely, if you’re looking to grow it out, trim those hairs during the new moon phase and reap the benefits.

Moon_Goddess_by_Osaki_KunThe moon, under any phase is a wonderful tool to add to your transformational toolbox because it is constant. If you happen to miss a shot, the window returns a few weeks later. That means you can easily test the accuracy of new moon claims, by instituting your own criteria. Spend some time deciding what you would like to improve, for example, and then set your intention for the outcome you desire. Start small so that you’ll see quick results, and build momentum from there. Personally, I like to use a journal for asking and receiving and tracking my record, but if that’s not your thing, consider other options. Once you begin to see your intended results, I assure you that you’ll make a habit of living in sync with Nature’s New Moon cycles.

As a positive side effect, syncing your dreams and commitment to transformation with new moon cycles may lead to a fuller awareness of our human connection to Nature. Living aligned with the natural rhythms lends itself to a heightened compassion that may have been cast aside along the journey. You may find yourself gazing at the night sky and considering your expansive place in the universe. Perhaps you will sit near the creek bank and allow the ripples to inspire your own limitless ripples…. Maybe you’ll spend more time being, and less time doing that hustling-bustling-competitive exercise.

The traditional paradigm is shifting to a new feminine paradigm of inspiring collaborative relationships that take Nature into account. A partnership with Nature is a core value of the feminine power principle, and is a two-way circuit of benefits and grace. Being aligned with Nature’s rhythms fosters the benefits of mind-body-spirit alignment. It balanced you by reeling you in from daily distractions which are perhaps not supporting you in your quest for transformation into the full-winged woman you know you are inside. Starting with an awareness of the energetic effects of the moon’s phases is a good place to reign in those sister energies and harness the power to transform your life.

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