The TRUTH About the Law of Attraction and Failure Rates

If you’re anything like me (and most of the humans on Earth), you’ve heard plenty about the Law of Attraction. Primarily as a result of the movie The Secret, Newton’s Law has become a household term.

Making the Law of Attraction mainstream does not necessitate that everyone has had success in applying the law of attraction to everyday desires.

In fact, I’m guessing more people have been left frustrated and perhaps even a little angry, a bit worse off for having bought into all that The Secret promoted.

I am a certified Law of Attraction practitioner, and I am the first to tell you that it works; However, it works as a result of alignment and not of magical thinking.

For several years I owned an “Angel” store; a place where all-things-celestial and metaphysical took place, and where the wares that lined the shelves were in the theme of angelic, celestial, metaphysical, otherworldly….
As a result of those days as “the Angel Lady,” I was privy to a LOT of shared experiences. Many of my customers were manifesting cars, and even houses, but without a clear concept of the trajectory of where exactly those “miracle manifestations” were coming from.

I personally manifested the Angel Store against every Earthly chance. Looking at my bank accounts back then would have told anyone that the store was not going to happen; but happen it did, and although I handed the keys over to new owners a few years back, the store is still a thriving business. It truly was a manifestation miracle, and I will never forget the astonishing way the Universe just opened up and lined up the pieces that eventually came together to create the lovely gathering space.

But it was hard work, or at least, at the time that’s what I believed. I didn’t realize that the store would have come into fruition without all my stress. Looking back, I realize that little shop was destined to be, and I was destined to facilitate it into being.

The truth is, stress gets in the way of manifesting. It finally dawned on me how easily I can manifest the small stuff. I could ask the universe to bring me a dozen purple “Angel Face” roses and they would sure enough show up. I could ask that someone buy me dinner that night, and voila, dinner invitations came in. I am great at manifesting the stuff that requires no thought. And so, I figured out some keys to manifesting….

Hard work is something that makes us feel important. And although it’s true that action is required on a consistent basis in order to achieve anything of desire, being stressed over the process sends out the wrong signal to the universe, and actually blocks the manifestation of what is desired.

I noticed this when one of my best customers came in gloating about the new car he had manifested the day before. It was a beautiful sports car in a serene blue-grey that can only be described as “watery.”

I smiled and congratulated him. But something didn’t feel right. Something about his demeanor was not resonating with the miracle manifestation. Perhaps, I thought, he may have been too smug about his role in the process. After all, smugness is an ego function, and I was fairly certain that ego was one of those blocks that actually prevent the arrival of that which we seek to manifest.

Sure enough, the customer returned three days later, in a foul mood. When I inquired as to how his new ride was working out, he began cursing in the angel store. It turned out that the car was mechanical mess, and had broken down several times since the man was in the store earlier in the week, boasting of his abilities to manifest the car. Apparently the Universe has a bit of a sense of humor, and this man was feeling the brunt of the joke, and of his egotistical response to the gift.

Regardless, all those lessons learned as a result of being the “Angel Lady” have led me to this: Today I want to show you a really absurd, but extremely effective “Manifestation Formula,” that works as a result of what’s known as your “destiny tuning.” And if, up until now, you have not had much success with the promises of The Secret, it’s not your fault. Until now, you were missing the real secret:

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