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Two Apples and a Banana

Two apples and a banana…it sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? Two apples and a banana walk into a bar….

Although the story is (ahem) ripe with humor, it’s also a tragic reminder to live each day on your terms. Because as the story goes, a once brilliant woman, was raised to be prim, proper, and to always “act like a lady.” And when this woman became elderly, she broke loose from all that social and familial conditioning. She entered a beauty pageant at the care facility that kept her safe and clean and cared for. She was very proud. She’d won first place, and the prize was two apples and a banana. About that same time, the woman decided to live nude. And so, she began to run giggling and naked while orderlies chased her. It’s hard to catch a naked woman who doesn’t wish to be caught.

History/herstory reveals that those who live without the shame, guilt, and rigidity of social controls, are less apt to experience a psychotic break or to step off into dementia. The lesson is, while you still have your conscious abilities and mental faculties, decide and commit to change your life. That doesn’t mean you should run naked through life, but if that’s something you enjoy, there are options. What it does mean is that you have choices to make while you still can.

  • Unlearn the lessons of childhood that stop you from being you, authentically
  • Let go of anger, at yourself and at others
  • Say what needs to be said without lashing out or hurting others (“I” messages)
  • Forgive yourself
  • Trust yourself
  • Do something to up-level your life and reinforce your ownership of your life

DNA does have an effect on your life. But the majority of your outcome stems from learned values and beliefs, as opposed to a concrete genetic source. In fact, only approximately 3% of anyone’s DNA is directly attributed to characteristics, and then to those such as which parent you most resemble.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the remaining 97%, once considered “junk DNA” may contain genetic viruses that stop you in your tracks.

More good news: I can show you how to alter the pathway by addressing any mind or genetic viruses. And it can be done within 90 days or less.

If you feel like your ancestral lineage may have more of an effect on your current life situation than is healthy, it’s time to learn to transmute the energies and reclaim all the facets of your life.

The ways a genetic virus shows up:

  • You try your hardest and cannot seem to break through a financial level
  • Your romances mimic those of your closest parent
  • A pattern emerges in one or more areas of your life
  • You recognize ways in which you could be repeating hereditary stories
  • You haven’t pin-pointed the source of your remaining stuck

With a 90-Day Deep Dive you’ll find the source of anything that gets in the way of your best life. And once that source is discovered, you’ll learn ways to dis-integrate from the ties and ultimately experience a whole new rush of freed energies….

90 Days….

What were you doing 3 months ago?
What will you be doing in 3 months from now?

Break the cords by starting now.

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