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Universal Nudges…

sunrise over the earth

So tell me friend, are you the woman who is aware and notices the little Universal nudges as they guide you, or are you the one who waits for the two-by-four against the head before you heed the clues? 

  • Do you believe the Universe is alive, responsive, has your back?
  • Does the Universe support you?
  • Do “things” and people show up when you need them?
  • Are opportunities at your door like a manifestation miracle?

Most of us are probably somewhere near center of the spectrum, occasionally swinging a bit in either direction….

But have you noticed that when you don’t pay attention to the Universal nudges, you live to regret whatever you didn’t do? That’s called “hindsight” and it’s very clear, isn’t it!

Sometimes the nudges are shoves that cannot be ignored. Those are the times when the Universe steps in and does things like saves our life, or picks us up out of a dangerous situation, or insists we take another path….

So tell me, how has the Universe been supporting you lately? Are you feeling the love, or are you feeling the burn (…and if you’re in the USA, no, this not a political statement….)?

I want to share with you that I am super on task for the month of April! I have followed the nudges and as a result I am bringing you so many goodies you will not know where to put them all! But these are SUPER VALUABLE goodies I am bringing, so heed the Universe as it brought you here today! Keep an eye on your in-box for the next delivery of self-love and life inspiring tools to arrive!

April is a huge nudge in the right direction for all of us! You are going to enjoy all the giveaways and gifts and opportunities that are coming next week!

But that’s all I can share for now…. It’s still a big secret…or shall I say SECRETS! Because there are LOTS!  😉

Please, oh please leave a comment on your Universal nudges and how you respond.
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