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Watch Your Screen Time

Many of us around the globe are under mandatory quarantine, or at least living according to the admonishment of self-isolation. This excess time that was once occupied by other interests and tasks often means more screen time for most of us. It also likely means more “news” coming into our sight lines more often. Those with a propensity for drama addiction or with an addiction to our electronic devices may have an especially difficult time with the current contagion, and being housebound is terribly challenging for many. But there is something to consider, and that is the suggestion that you watch your screen time as it directly affects your attitude. Social sciences have long recognized the correlation between too much screen time for youngsters as it affects their attitude. The same can appear in adults. Watch your children, family members, roommates and such, and ensure they are not overly spending time with eyes glued to a monitor, be it a small cell phone, iPad, or laptop. And perhaps more importantly, monitor your own screen time and news intake too. Limiting your screen time and news intake frees up time for doing those things you said you always would do if only you had “the time.” Now is the time. Read that book. Write that story. Knit that scarf. Draw that picture. Journal your daily experience of these yet chartered times. Create as a means of stress release and healing.

We’ve been given gift here with the threat of becoming sick, infecting others, or dying as a result of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. This is a time for authentically reconnecting with those who most matter. It is not a time for attitudes, regardless of the stress we are under. Consider your words carefully before blurting them out. Imagine it is a tiny fragile newborn on the receiving end of your words, your actions, your attitudes. And be equally that gentle with yourself too. Now is not the time for family feuds, insolence, or rudeness. Now is the time to be extra loving and kind. This is definitely a learning moment in time….

We will get through this together. And if we do it right, we’ll live to tell loving stories about our experience of the 2020 pandemic.

Much Love to YOU.


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