Water Is A Metaphor For Human Emotions

Water is a metaphor for human emotions...but it is also a perfect metaphor for the mind. Click To Tweet

Tides vary with moon cycles, ebbing and flowing in natural harmony. But it is only when we are still and calm that true wisdom is allowed to surface. Our best answers bubble up, rising out of the sea of thoughts, but only when the sea is calm.

water drop

When the tides are at their peak, and immense waves are crashing about, care must be exercised to not forget to listen. Click To Tweet

When the tides are at their peak, and immense waves are crashing about, care must be exercised to not forget to listen.We must listen to our inner voice, and to the words of others, even those who are causing waves.

It’s like that with every emotional being. We all have our rhythms. Sometimes we get caught in the fury of someone’s storm, and we may not hear their words, or heed the warnings. And sometimes, others may be drowning in the waves of our high tides.

This month has been especially challenging. Remaining whirlwinds still stir remnants of a big move; dust devils are still spinning in midair, much like a hurricane which is finally deciding to fizzle and move out to sea. The aftermath is yet to be realized….

crying eye

Salty drops seep from eyes as emotions…and tides meant to rage are stuffed until the tsunami urge passes and the beach reappears. It’s about waiting for the rainbow after the rains. It’s about humanness. Sometimes it’s about pretending to not be so human.

A participant asked me if ever there was a time to “rage.” Of course there is. The act of primal screaming is an art-form to aspire to mastering. Click To Tweet

As anyone who has read my first book, Blessings in the Mire, knows about me…I prefer primal screaming as opposed to homicide or its sister, suicide.

Humans experience a whole flow of emotions. Like the stream, those feelings and thoughts are meant to be un-dammed…and un-damned by others.

Emotion is energy in motion.

We are meant to live in harmony, as much as possible, going with the flow. Afterall, it’s hard to paddle against the currents, and if we do find ourselves swimming upstream we expend a great deal of energy going nowhere. Unless you’re a spawning salmon, it’s best to float with the current and keep an anchor handy just in case the storms arise.

Next week, weather permitting, I’ll be anchoring in San Diego…and then I’ll be planning the next Women’s Empowerment Gala! Woo-hoo! I’ll keep you posted, so if you’re in the San Diego area, I hope you’ll join us for some guaranteed life-transforming special gatherings. (Yep, more than one!) As for me, for this moment, and for the coming week, I’ll just continue to set my sails firmly with the winds at my back, and intend to stay afloat…. Ahimsa.

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