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Ways to Pass Time…with Quarantine Wine….

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It’s no secret that life as we knew it is gone…replaced with an inverted sense of time, myriad thoughts and emotions that span the spectrum from angry to confused to quarantine living like a zen monk. And quite likely, among all the news updates about the state of the world and the stacking numbers of passed souls, there’s a search for new hobbies and interests to take your mind off the current Covid19 quarantine. It’s important to find new ways to fill our time, lest we lose a large chunk of life, even if we don’t get sick. Our mental health is at risk here. The constant barrage of rapidly changing “updates” about the ravaging devastation this virus is imparting on the globe and all her inhabitants leaves us in dire need of demanding balance of ourselves. We MUST counter the attacks with self love. And that means finding new interests and new ways to feed the soul and fill the time. It won’t always be like this. We will leave our home sanctuaries again. But for now, let’s decide to be productive in as many ways as we can.

About a week ago (time has no solid form right now, so it could have been a day ago…lol), I asked what have you been learning since being quarantined. This is a sort of follow up to that question. Honestly, I have knit so many kitchen scrubbies from rubberized yarns, and have knit so many hot pads that my hands ache. And that’s just another layer to the skin peeling that comes from washing my hands so many times each day. With the sore hands at issue, I decided to (pardon the pun) try my hand at wine making. And almost as soon as I had crafted my first batch of Cabernet Savignon, I saw Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis announced creation of their very own Quarantine Wine, 100% of the proceeds are donated to support those hurt by the pandemic. You can check out Ashton’s Instagram announcement here:

I’m not brewing anything near the quantity *or probably the quality!) that Ashton and Mila are crafting, but I am happy to report that my first batch is almost ready to bottle. It’s been fun and educational to learn about wine making; if I had known how easy it is, I would have adopted this hobby years ago! Anyway, early next week I begin the process again, this time with a much bigger “carboy” (the glass bottle the wine ferments in).  This newest batch will be a French wine called Vieux Chateau Du Roi (Petite Shiraz Blend)(Vintner’s Reserve). It’s made with grapes from France, so I’m a bit excited to be up-leveling my craft. I will let you know how it turns out (or not!)

So, what are you doing to stay sane? Have your fingers grown weary of knitting? Is your skin peeling away from the bone with all the hand washing going on? How how are you filling your precious time? Let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Stay safe and sane.





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