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What DO You Really, Really Want?

Since 1984, women have been showing up in my practice with a malady of discontent that swings from a consistent low-grade gnawing to a debilitating feeling of worthlessness. Regardless of the severity of the feelings of discontent, the remedy to the malady starts always with answering one question: What DO you really want?

Discontent manifests as a result of a separation of your authentic self. When you are not living your potential, your purpose, your passion, you will experience that chronic inner gnawing.  It’s your spirit calling you to live your life as you were meant to live, without exception or apology.

Few of us don’t know what we don’t want. We can easily complain about everything and everyone that goes against our grain, and often, we even recruit others in commiserating. That sharing further fuels the roots of our indignation, and what we don’t want becomes even greater, energetically. Unfortunately, even fewer have a clear image in mind of exactly what it is that we most genuinely really, really do want.

What if you could turn that level of energy that’s typically spent in complaining, into a directly focused fuel for manifesting what you really want? What we focus on expands, so clarity of what you really want is an expansive fuse to manifesting. The more clarity you can place on answering what do you really want, the faster and more precise will be the outcome.

Invest 30 minutes when you won’t be disturbed, and imagine what you really want. See it in your mind, and feel how it feels when what you really want is manifested. With the new clarity, create an inner image that you can conjure up each day for a few moments. Focus on that image, and feel again, the feelings of having what you really, really want.  Do this as often as possible, adjusting for more clarity each time you have the thoughts about what you really want. And then prepare to have it. And notice how that inner malady of discontent fades away….




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