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What Does Freedom Mean to YOU Personally?


Regardless of where you are on this blue globe, there are others who would love nothing more than to take away a few (or more) of your freedoms. Today I was considering the various freedoms, and the thought crossed my mind that perhaps “freedom” means something different to you than it means to me.

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Liberty Toes

It also occurs to me that different regions offer different freedoms and differing restrictions. As example, I live in Southern California and am free to purchase a bottle of wine in the grocery store, if I choose to do so. However, just a few miles to the north is the state of Utah, where all liquor, including wine, is controlled by the State. It’s also heavily taxed, with something the locals call “sin tax.” In order to pick up a bottle of wine, one must go to a State Liquor Store. The freedom to drink is still an option, but Utah makes it a task to do so….

I suppose then, it would be unfair to say Utah takes away the freedom to drink wine. They do, however, take away the freedom to belong to a wine club. It’s simply not legal to order wine through the mail. I can only guess that it has something to do with revenue loss that would be sidelined by an out-of-state purchases.

Utah is not the only restrictive state, of course. Every day there are stories in the news of perceived freedom infringements across the globe. In fact, politicians have made life-long careers out of determining which freedoms their constituents will be privy to, and which freedoms will be deemed unacceptable, leaving it to the heavy hand of so-called “justice” to iron out any outcries.

This morning, as example, I took a ride on a motorcycle, and I was free to not wear a helmet as I am currently in Utah. If I were in California, the “helmet laws” would dictate my headgear. I would have the freedom to really feel free as the wind blows through my hair and bugs pelt my shades …oh…wait…that’s not quite right. There would be no wind blowing through my hair as the helmet would be protecting more than my grey matter. That’s the law in California. No helmet means no ride. Reportedly, the California Highway Patrol got tired of picking up the pieces and pushed for the helmet laws. I can see their point, yet honestly, if I am over the age of consent, I should probably be free to choose what I place on my head under any conditions…. Of course, one wrong move on a motorcycle can make for a really bad hair day…. Betty BoopHappy Independence Day in the USA.
“Let freedom ring.”

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