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What Gets You Out Of Bed?

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Are you living your passion?

Does passion and purpose drive you closer DAILY to your chosen destination?

Being true to yourself is the only rule
in the game of fulfillment.

When I was an adolescent, my mother told me I could do anything I wanted to do, provided it hurt no one. This caveat, of course, included me. In other words, I could do anything I wanted to do as long as it hurt neither myself or others. As I look back on that life lesson, I only wish it had included more of a direct addressing of “permission.”

You see, we all are indoctrinated with the message that we must ask permission before proceeding. That’s a great big STOP sign that we must first acknowledge before moving forward. Women in particular have been held back by the notion of asking permission.

This permission based learning is not only owned by women though. I’ve met plenty of men who are fearful of trusting themselves, and who are held back by the lack of self-confidence that is inbred in permission asking.


What does your heart yearn for?
Have you allowed yourself to stop and clarify this truth of your desires?
Have you filed your flight plan for (at least) this year?

If you haven’t planned your life destination, then how will you know when you’ve arrived?
Are you honestly willing to trade your life for floundering in the whims?
Or, are you finally going to make a life-plan and move forward in the direction of your deserving?

All pilots know that getting to the destination requires constant corrections.
But without a flight plan, there would be no lift off.

directional inverted

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Go there now and really look at the reflection of who you are being. Does the image fit? If you are not seeing the you of your highest vision, make the corrections. You are the pilot of your own craft. BE the YOU of your dreams.

While you’re there in front of the mirror, give yourself permission to expand into the whole (gestalt) of you.


How does that feel?

Repeat the affirmation until you feel the truth of the words. When you resonate with the message, you are ready to expand into your authentic whole empowered self.



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What are you waiting for?


Allow your passionate purpose to hurl you from beneath the sheets each morning into the life of your dreams.

You deserve the experience of whole/gestalt living.

You are worthy.


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