What Happens INSIDE When You Release the Past?

Imagine for a moment that everything that hasn’t been working in your favor, has finally changed….

All the stress, the fear, the scarcity, the loneliness, the shallow breathing is gone. You can finally exhale and relax. You are now living a life beyond anything you ever dreamed of….

What does that even look like? How easily can you envision it? Can you, even envision it?
What does that feel like?

When you’re picturing your new life as being a beautiful existence, when everything that hasn’t worked out in the past has changed, how do you feel about the present?

Do you feel apprehensive, as though waiting for a boot to drop?
Do you experience fear, especially for the future?
Do you feel that you deserve this beautiful life?
Does this new image of living the life you deserve leave a void that manifests as a fear of an “unknown” that lurks around the corner?

What happens inside when you release the past is as important as what happens outside. “As within, so without,” and vice-versa. What we’re feeling inside is reflected outside in our environments, in our homes, in our families, and certainly in the mirror reflection of how we’re feeling about our “self”.

What we’re feeling on the inside is apparent from our life. If life is good, there’s certainly a healthy level of self-worth, and if life is not good, then with equal certainty, there’s a level of self-worth that could use an up-leveling.

In short, to enhance our life experience demands that we change our insides:


When you examine your core way of being, thinking, believing, and feeling, and consciously release what’s been holding you back from living that life you desire and deserve, you change from within.  Your life changes from the inside out. It can be no other way….

Sure, you may have sporadic times of elation, and you may even have a few experiences of feeling special and in the flow of abundance. Yet, if those times are fleeting, it’s a sign that you’re on the edge of a major breakthrough to the life you desire, if only you’ll learn a few proprietary techniques for creating lasting transformation….

Learning to change whatever has been in the way of an optimal life is not hard, and it doesn’t have to be scary. It does take guidance, and a plan. Both that guidance and the plan are included in Escaping the Chrysalis when you combine it with the full-color Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. And the good news is that this transformational duo is available in a variety of formats as follow:

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Here’s the thing:

It can feel unnerving to consider a better, more exciting and fulfilling life. Fear of change is a normal human emotion. But just because things have always been a certain way, does not mean it’s the best way! And when you give yourself permission to step up to that better life, the rewards will certainly trump the doldrums and stress and fear of an unfulfilling life.

If you’ve ever dreamed of something more the time may be right to finally do something about it. And it can all start with investing in the Escaping the Chrysalis duo. Thousands have transformed their subjective lives. Isn’t it time you join those who’ve up-leveled to a life you desire and deserve?

You deserve all that you desire. Go get it.

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