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What happens when you awaken the goddess connection

What happens when you awaken the goddess connection, is that you begin to hone the process of conscious living, rather than living by default the way most humans operate. You immediately raise yourself above the norm. And this matters to you, if you have an inner impulse to live life to the fullest, then keep reading, because this post is for you.

Truly, how much time have you invested in planning your life?

Most people spend more time planning a weekend getaway than they invest in conscious creation of a life to be proud of, so why should you be different?

Let’s start with some ground rules:

  1. No self-bashing around the way you are showing up in your life.
  2. No judgment either “right” or “wrong” about you or anyone else.
  3. An open mind and heart to look from a varied perspective

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look systematically at what’s possible when you learn to connect with your inner goddess and live consciously as if you are goddess to be cherished. (Because the truth is, you are meant to live this goddess lifestyle. She is your Infinite Self.)

  • As your vibrational frequency rises to new levels, miraculous manifestations begin to be typical.
  • Unanticipated opportunities show up at the exact right time.
  • Problems are easily solved as the solution is delivered.
  • You are never again lonely or feel abandoned.
  • Your intuition explodes as a new source of information.
  • Living in a state of gratitude attracts more to appreciate.
  • You start to see clearly so much that previously would have gone unnoticed.
  • Mini-miracles grow into co-incidences happening for you.
  • Your trust in the universal forces is cemented.
  • Time bends for you when it needs to.
  • You may think of someone, and they call or show up “out of the blue….”
  • You decide it’s time for a new job or career change, and an offer comes in for a position which is even more perfect than you imagined.
  • You have an idea, and within a short time, it materializes as if by some magical process.
  • New higher caliber people begin to connect with you.
  • You health improves as you treat yourself like a goddess.
  • Your surroundings are up-leveled as you clear the old energies and allow the new.
  • Projects you’ve dreamed up come to fruition.
  • Relationships are healed and transformed.
  • Your bank balance increases accordingly.
  • Your stress factor fades and is replaced by excitement about the possibilities.

The effects of connecting with your inner goddess guidance are endless. This is but a small sampling of what I have experienced since connecting with my inner goddess, Bella. It took a lot to trust that you would be open to learning this, but when I opened a small new-age ‘angel’ store in the past, my kindreds found me. So I believe in that same kindred spirit, it’s time to share my secrets with you. I think you’re ready.

Your next step is to enroll in Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve. And that should be done now, while you can get in on this low admission cost.

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