What Ifs & Regrets (Day 8 of 31 Day Blog Challenge)

WHAT IFs are rarely productive. When my son died I did a lot of what ifs in my head. Most of these began with “What if I….”

  • What if I had known he was going to die?
  • What if I had been there….
  • What if I had only….

What ifs are those nagging chatterings that pretend we can effect the past. We cannot.

We can, however, clearly plan the future; consciously steer our subjective personal life in the direction of our chosen dreams as opposed to leaving us in a heap of what ifs. What ifs are nasty similarities to regret. And none of us benefit from regret either.

Once I finally identified the futility of my relentless what ifs, I put them in their place.

What ifs are a waste of time; it’s what is that matters.

What is the current situation? It is only from what is, that we can take effective action.

And yet, I know that many of us are still entertaining the what ifs in our heads, and so here’s my latest twist on what ifs.

  • What if I had a magic wand and could take away all your psychological pains?
  • What if I could transform the universe by sending out ga-zillions of positive ripples?
  • What if I could elevate the frequency of 1 Million Earthlings?
  • What if I could empower @ least 1 Million to then each empower 1 million more?
  • What if I could give anyone interested in transformation a FREE START to that end?
  • What if I entice others to share START with as many friends as possible?
  • What if they discovered how easy module one is, and then they took the next step?
  • What if together, we could collaboratively heal the pains of a globe?

What ifs are now ripe with possibilities as opposed to being fraught with regret.

Okay, I don’t actually have a magic wand. I do, however, have a box full of gestalt tools and techniques to help you leave behind the inner blocks to your success so you won’t ever again have to question what if you had taken that first step into your future.

  • What if I can give to you the tools for your own box? What would that be worth to you?
  • What if you released all your regrets?
  • What if you learned to embrace your wholeness?
  • What if you learned to use the information from your dreams?
  • What if you learned to communicate your needs and desires?
  • What if you were so empowered that you became a role model for others?
  • What if you became so transformed that you too decided to become a facilitator?
  • What if you join me today, and START. It’s ridiculously FREE & EASY.



If not today, then when?

When do you make the 1st move?


Please pass it on.

What if you never take that first step? Where will you be in 5 years?

What is your life like now?






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2 thoughts on “What Ifs & Regrets (Day 8 of 31 Day Blog Challenge)

  1. Great questions Jan! I love asking ‘what if’ as it opens up infinite possibilities but as you say, it’s what’s after the what if that will determine what is being tapped into;) Thanks!
    Joyful blessings,

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