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What is LOVE?

What Is Love
Have you ever asked yourself where you learned your perspective of what love is?
What is love? It it lasting? Unconditional? Fleeting? Burdensome? Liberating? Completing?
Whatever your responses to the query of what is love? I wonder if you can identify where and from whom you learned lessons about love.

I jokingly say I am a member of the Wolf family -raised by wolves…. I have GREAT appreciation for having grown up with a lot of freedom and little supervision. All that unrestrained freedom gave me plenty of opportunities for figuring things out. The experience gave me tremendous reasoning skills. Yet, when we take a closer look, maybe all the things I thought I had figured out, are not the best perception. And maybe, the fodder used for coming to conclusions is flawed….

Here’s the thing: We are bombarded with information -Now more than ever before in history we can simply turn to the Internet for clarity, advice, and for answers to our most provoking questions.
But go back a dozen years, and we had only television, radio, and each other.
And as a child of the streets, there was a lot that I gleaned from my peers. Now that’s a sobering thought! Because they were equally uninformed!
Everything I learned about what love is, I learned from benign televisions shows like I Love Lucy, Donna Reed, and Father Knows Best, or I learned it from my young peers, or later in life, I learned by trial and error. A lot of error. And, I suppose if I am honest, more trials than a person ought to ever have to sift through.

I lacked healthy role models for what love is. It has been a pursuit of my life to explore interpersonal relationships, and to observe the definitions of various relationships built on so-called love. I’m still searching for the magic key, if there is one….

So today I bring the question to you:
What IS Love?
Where did YOU learn what love is?
Has your opinion or perspective about what love is changed through the years?
What exactly do you hold to be true about love?

I really want to know. Please share your feelings and thoughts.
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