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What Would YOU Do for $200,000?

The San Diego Tribune ran a story today about a gentleman who has passed away, having apparently succumbed to a chronic heart condition. Robert Rackstraw was found deceased in his Southern California condo. He was 75. He was also the subject of both an F.B.I. investigation into the only unsolved high-jacking in history, and of multiple documentaries about the notorious D.B. Cooper, a man who high-jacked a Boeing 727, demanded 4 parachutes, $200,000 in U.S. currency, food for the crew, and a fuel truck. The man jumped from the plane over an unknown location with his booty of around $200,000.

In other words, Rackstraw may be the man who risked death by jumping from an airliner in a stunt that could have been his final act, for only $200,000.  And he may have been the man who successfully eluded authorities for almost 50 years, as you can learn more about in the link below.

Neither D.B. Cooper nor Robert Rackstraw are the typical topic of conversation here on this blog, I realize. Maybe it’s my age, since I was a teenager when the intriguing story happened. Whatever the reason for my triggered curiosity, reading the news article about the notorious legend got me to seriously wondering what would you do for $200,000? 

Granted, $200,000 was a lot more money by the standards of 1971 than it is today. So let’s more than double that amount and ask what would you do for 500-thousand dollars?

  • Would you jump out of a plane?
  • Would you risk your life for it?
  • Can you even contemplate the things you’d do for half a million dollars?
  • Is there an amount that could convince you to jump from a jet airliner?

If Robert Rackstraw is indeed D.B. Cooper (and for clarity sake, let me say that I believe he is), he may be one of the greatest examples of scarcity mindset to ever have pulled off a heist. The truth is, illegally obtained monies have an energy attached that eventually taints any upside. In fact, the average bank robbery in the United States nets somewhere around $4300 and earns the thief an average of 5-7 years in prison. Comparatively, the average commercial robbery nets an average of only $1589, and convenience store robberies net an average of only $769. Not a good hourly income, if you ask me. And just for fun, I’ll share that if robbery is your plan for wealth-building, you may want to go to England, where the average bank robbery nets the U.S. equivalent of $31,500…. Still not a really good return on your risk.

So why am I writing about D.B. Cooper?

If it’s not obvious, I’ll clarify:

You can have a consistent flow of income, without robbery, high-jacking, or jumping from an airliner. But you’ll never have wealth as long as you believe the money is in the bank. REAL WEALTH comes from within. And I know you’ve heard it. And you mind may even believe it. But the rub is, you have not yet aligned your mind, with your self-worth. And that lack of alignment is blocking the flow of limitless abundance.

When you can align with the flow of prosperity, you can have any amount of money you want. It doesn’t take a lot of time, or effort. And it doesn’t have to be dangerous. It does require some real honesty, beginning with what you believe to be true about your ability to be “rich.” It requires you to get clear on how you feel about those who are “rich.” And it requires that you re-consider everything you’ve learned about money and love, especially, self-love. Once you’ve excavated your money-beliefs, you can decide what to re-claim as being YOURS. You decide what supports your wealth consciousness, and you re-calibrate your inner money thermostat.

How can I make such claims?

I can make these statements because I have lived them.

  • I grew up in severe poverty following the death of my father
  • I was in and out of foster homes, each with a differing money story
  • I followed the poverty thread into my own adulthood, becoming a struggling single parent
  • I began to follow that thread back in time, to unravel the truth about money and wealth
  • I became an international best-selling, award-winning author by following that thread of truth
  • I literally wrote the book on money: INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance…
  • I’ve empowered thousands by giving them the easy to implement formula to wealth creation in the Winged-Women™ Academy’s MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting

The Bottom Line:

If your money story has an essence of lack attached, you owe it to yourself to unlearn the messages that hold you small. Because one indisputable thing I’ve learned is that life is much better on the upside of abundance than it can ever be in the poverty doldrums.  You can do a lot more with money than you can do without it. And have you ever noticed that those with money tend to live longer? Access to better health care, and to better foods and living conditions, and less stress around money issues, is my guess to that longevity.

But even if you’re not planning on living a long life, doesn’t it make better sense to live life to the fullest? to be able to support the causes you are passionate about? to relax into a secure future that doesn’t include money struggles?

I’ll be the first to admit that I love to fly. I’ve event taken both ground school and instrumentation flight school courses. But that doesn’t mean I’m jumping out of any airliners anytime soon! I prefer the safer route to abundance. Follow my easy 5-step plan as is included in MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting, and there will be no need to jump…. And by the way, the hyperlink is to the “Freedom Special” limited pricing for the 7-week course. There’s never been a better time to enroll. You don’t have to rob a bank, high-jack or parachute from a jet airliner.  Just click the link and learn more and/or enroll now while the Freedom Special is still offered.

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Rest in peace, D.B. Cooper.

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