What’s On YOUR To-Do List?

to do list

Do you keep lists? I LOVE the feeling I get inside when I cross thru the items on my day planner. And I admit, I was not always so organized. My lack of organization caused a lot of loss and far too much stress in my life: Loss of time spent searching for misplaced keys; Loss of time spent sorting thru piles of papers; Loss of time that could have been saved had I just taken a few minutes to plan the next day’s goals.

Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, reportedly made a list each night before bed of 6 Things to be accomplished the next day. This made sense to me, and so I too began making lists of what I wish to accomplish. It took a while for the habit to stick, but now I am a faithful devotee of the list. As such, I’ve created a To Do Download simple printable download just in case you don’t want to spend the money on a fancy business model.

Making a list is the best way I know of to get to where I am going. Without a flight plan, how would a pilot ever reach the destination? Without constant corrections to the wings, the craft (in this case, you) would never reach the desired destination.

  • Set the goal/destination.
  • Make the list of actions to take daily.
  • Arrive.

Of course, self-love needs to be at the top of everyone’s ‘to-do’ list, and it may need to head up the list on a daily basis. It really starts, and ends, with self-love.

Self Love: It's More Than a Selfie.

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