Where are you now, and where have you been? Is it a “GOOD” place?

Escaping the Chrysalis page headerTransparency is one of the core traits that I value in others, and more so, in myself. And sometimes it is painful to speak the truth, because it feels so personally vulnerable, and even risky:

  • Maybe you won’t like me if you see who I really am.
  • Or maybe you will judge me.
  • Or maybe you’ll laugh…
  • Or maybe you’ll turn away while covering your eyes.

But maybe, you will identify, will resonate with my core essence and feminine strength. And that makes it all worth the risk.
So I want to say, if you’re still reading, thanks for hanging with me.

Those who know me well, know me as an assertive and empowered woman. And for the most part, that’s an identity I now fully own. And the truth is, it hasn’t always been that way.
I came from poverty. The kind of poverty that I jokingly say was below the socio-economic status of church mice. What I did have, was freedom. At least, that was my perception as I wandered the streets as a neglected kid.
The freedom was challenged at times, like when I and my siblings were placed in assorted foster homes for a few year, homes where we were taught new rules. And I learned to be quiet and to disappear into the background, lest I be seen, heard, and perhaps reprimanded…or worse….

Through the long story, the details of which I will spare you, I learned the lesson that I was not “as good as” because I didn’t have the nice shoes, the new clothes for school, and the fancy two-parent household. My father was dead. He died in a plane crash when I was less than two years old. He was absent physically, but I have always felt his spirit with me, guiding me and helping me like a guardian angel. If that’s too “woo woo” for you, well, refer to the first paragraph where I address “transparency.” I Am decidedly “woo-woo.” In fact, I am so “woo-woo” that I owned the first “angel store” in Utah, well before the new millennium came to pass. But I digress into other stories….


And lest you start to get all sad and soft and sorry for me, I want to declare right here that I am not open to pity. Every solitary event in my life has been a piece of a larger puzzle which is clearly displayed now. All my life events have layered the richness of my life, my personality, and to get to the meat of the “YOU BENEFIT” of this page, the education that allows me to teach you secrets of confidence, and the power of turning your struggles into strengths.

I have experienced the loss of my dear brother and best friend, when he died suddenly in his sleep of what the coroner determined was “unknown natural causes.” And I have survived the death of a child when my son died at age 21.

I have explored the Hell of my inner caverns, and have felt the intense essence of pure raw love that has blessed me with the celestial energies of God/Goddess/Universal flow. I am so blessed to have experienced the life so rich with layers of awareness and blessings. And I am multiply blessed to have been placed on this path so that I could pioneer the path for thousands of other women who are now learning to turn struggles into strengths and own their voices, and their personal power.

  • So where have you come from?
  • What life experiences have made you uniquely you?
  • What struggles and/or heartbreak have you survived?
  • How have your grown as a result of your experiences? 
  • Where are you NOW?
  • Would you change anything, if you could?
  • Are you where you thought you would be by now?
  • What, if anything, has stopped you from getting to your dreams?

I help women turn their struggles into strengths.

  • I experienced poverty so that I could learn and then teach others how to live in abundance.
  • I experienced abandonment so I could learn to teach women to be self-sufficient and learn the importance of self-love.
  • I experienced loss, so that I could feel the most intensely pure love possible, and share it.
  • I experienced “worthlessness” so I could learn, and then teach you of your value.
  • I experienced stuffing my emotions, so I could learn and then teach you how to release your blocks to fulfillment and live an authentic, purposeful life.
  • I experienced disowning portions of my feminine power, so I could teach you to claim yours, and step into your inner goddess light.
  • I walked through the coals, so wouldn’t burn your feet.
  • I learned to manifest, from the inside out, so you could learn it too.
  • I wrote the books, so even if you are not ready to claim live coaching, or to go through one or more of my online programs, you can still transform in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • I made all the experiential exercises do-able at home, so you can thrive for less than $100 using the tools in this workbook.

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You are worthy. And you have only one purpose in this life, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.

And I can help with that. I Am here for you.

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