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Who Would YOU Be…

Who Would YOU Be without Your Past Challenges and Struggles?

In a place where you won’t be disturbed, give yourself a few minutes to consider who would you be without your past challenges and struggles?
How, do you imagine, would your life be different? Would it be different, or do all roads lead to the same destination?

We all have our stories, and our struggles. We each have our filters which are created of our beliefs and values, and which are our magnets for attracting whatever comes into our lives.
Consider though, where you learned the beliefs that you hold. Consider where you adopted the ‘fight to the mat’ values that you hold so dear.
Is your life all you thought it would be, when you were young and unbridled and free-thinking?
As far as your youthful expectations for what your life would be when you grew up, has anything changed over the years as life has unfolded?
Did you grow up to become a replica of your parents?
Did you surpass your expectations in any area?
Did you disappoint anyone else’s dreams for you?
Did you disappoint yourself?

While you’re considering these questions about you, I wonder how you’re feeling….

Does your forehead crease when you wonder who would you be without your past challenges and struggles? Are you beginning to hear inner stories of “this is silly,” or are you beginning to wiggle in your seat with discomfort? Are you making up excuses to not consider your life?

Does it make you a bit nervous to consider where your beliefs and values took root? Are they from a reputable source? How will we ever know the answers to that if we never take the time to consider…?

Most people live by default following some unspoken guidance that says something akin to, “that’s just the way it’s always been,” never questioning who made the rules, who decided what to value, what to believe.

Few invest the time to decide for themselves which is the pathway that best suits their needs and desires.

It’s true that as a generalization, people spend more time planning a vacation than they invest in planning a life destination. Life just happens as the sands of time pass away.

Life happens. And if you consider how life has happened for you, are there things you would like to change? Do you have regrets? Are you a victim of life? a survivor? a heroine? What stories define you?

While you are considering who you would be without your challenges and struggles, beliefs and values, I wonder if you can imagine yourself at the helm, consciously navigating the life you desire…. What does that look like? More importantly, how does that feel?

Do you even believe that you can have a say in your life events? Some people don’t believe enough in themselves to consider that they can in fact navigate to any outcome they decide on. Imagine lack of belief in yourself stopping what could be an unimaginably wondrous life by design. That seems so wrong. It also seems so common, from my perspective as a life coach.

Whose life is it anyway?

As you continue to consider your life, and all that creates the sum of you, I encourage you to keep asking the questions, keep peeling back the layers until you get to the core of who you are, really.

Without family, without culture, without institutionalized input, without religious dogma, without parental and peer and sibling input, who are you? In other words, who are you at your infinite level of beingness?

Who is running the show behind the curtains?
Where do you get guidance?
Is your source of wisdom and guidance something outside of you?
Is the cause of all your life events out of your control?

When you are finished contemplating who you would be without your challenges and struggles, (and you’ll know intuitively when to stop), you will have planted some seeds that will continue to grow, if you let them. These seeds take root and help awaken the connection inside of you. It’s a connection to infinite wisdom, to the answers, to the passion that awakens you further.

You may want to ask your inner source if it has a name. Mine is Gigi, for Goddess Guidance. Gigi and I meet each morning for at least 15-30 minutes. I call this ‘coffee with the goddess’ because it’s when I sip from my goddess cup and set intentions for my day. And then, I listen closely for the valuable goddess guidance that surfaces.

Coffee with Gigi is my favorite time of day, and because it’s such a routine practice now, I cannot imagine not connecting each day. Something would be decidedly ‘off’ without this sacred time spent in connection.

The truth is, my life has become so much ‘more’ since I adopted this practice. It’s enriched each day, it’s given me tools to cope through some events that could have pinched me a lot harder, it’s provided an abundance of so much in every area of my life, and it gives me a safe, heart-cradling space in which to just be. This ritual has also given me the clear pathway to manifesting the life I love. And when you learn to connect with your inner goddess, it can do the same for you.

When you awaken the goddess connection, you are opening the pathway to the infinite divine wisdom and guidance that can soothe the way to whatever you dream of. Your desires take on a foundation that is necessary for achievement. Otherwise, your desires remain unrealized dreams.

Do you like where this is going? or perhaps your stories are surfacing inside your head, saying things to stop you from getting excited about the possibilities. That’s fine too. Those thoughts are just remnants, deeply ingrained and designed to keep you safe. You’re not safe though. Until you learn to connect with the infinite source of wisdom, you are actually living by the rules and advice of those who believed they knew best.

Now that you are an adult, you can decide for yourself. And to enrich the delicious potential outcome of an unimaginably rich life, you can learn to awaken the goddess connection, which is the well of the real truth….

When you awaken the goddess connection (or whatever name you give to your inner connection to infinite wisdom) your life will be your own.

No longer living by default.
No more searching for external validation.
No more giving up your power to lead life by your terms.

This means you are now navigating your own life. It means you consciously determine what you want your life to be. And you create the map toward your chosen destination, all the while enjoying the journey.

It would seem unfair of me to tell you to awaken the goddess connection without offering you some ease, some tried and true process to expedite the process for manifesting what you desire and deserve.

Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve

How would you like to spend the next 4 weeks learning to fully awaken the goddess connection with a step-by-step process that leads the way to creating the life you desire? If so, keep reading, because I have created just that!

Based on my own success in learning to manifest the life I once only dreamt of, I have pulled together the process to give you the same tools I use, and to save you a lot of time and effort.

To go a bit deeper into the content:

Module 1:
Co-Creating with the Law of Attraction/Allowance/Appreciation

You’ve created a life by default, and now it’s time to connect with the source to empower you to create the life you DO want. This module starts where you are, and takes you to steps to co-creating the life you desire and deserve.

Module 2:
What DO You Want?

Only when you take time to decide, can you create. This module calls on you to clarify the ways in which you are currently creating every aspect of your life. It then takes things deep, by showing you a more effective means towards clearing the brush for creating what you DO want.

Module 3:
Table for Two

Your inner goddess guidance has been starved for connection with you. This module starts the solid connection with the source of all creation.

Module 4:
Co-Creating with Clarity

By enlisting the support and creating camaraderie with your inner goddess wisdom, you may re-tweak the answer to module 2. Things tighten up here for faster manifestation of the life you desire and deserve.

Whatever is eating at you, in whatever area of life you’re not feeling complete, learning to awaken the goddess connection can help. You can learn to let go of anything that doesn’t feel like love. You can step into a higher vibration of a love-infused life. And do deserve to enjoy all that you desire.

Q & A

Some questions you might have regarding this Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve may be answered below:

Who is this for?

Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve is for any woman who seeks more. Whether it is a desire for a richer life experience, a desire for love or money or happiness or health or creativity or whatever you can dream of, this is the place.

What if I am really busy but would love to be a part of this?
Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve is created as a process which can be done anywhere on the globe, at any time and in any time zone. The Facebook page will be up 24/7 for posting questions and making comments, and the digital delivery of the program ensure participation for anyone with the capabilities of accessing and downloading the content.

How much time do I need to invest in this?
The amount of time required is completely at your discretion. This is a tool for your life-skills toolbox, and the more time you invest, the greater the benefits you will realize. The actual course material takes only about an hour each week, and the daily connection time ideally is 15-30 minutes.

Will I get better at this in time?
We fully believe in the wisdom of each woman who enters into this program. With that said, as you immerse further into the practice of connecting with your inner guidance, the time required to “get there” will be shortened. As with any new skill, practice makes perfect, as it is said. But honestly, we think you will begin to enjoy the sacred time so much, that it won’t feel like work and so yes, you will “get better with time”!

Will this offer be available again in the future?
Yes. It will be available until we feel it has extended its shelf life, but not for this special price offered today.

Got Questions?
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Take the plunge while this 28 day offer is still available, and while it’s still so inexpensive in both terms of dollars and time investment. The return on your investment in terms of time and the money will return to you almost immediately.

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