Winter Traditions

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Traditions are sometimes seen as the glue that holds families together. And perhaps at no other time during the year are traditions as apparent as they are during the holiday season.

How do you feel about holiday traditions? Do you embrace the ageless generational traditions which have been passed down, or have you begun some traditions of your own?

For better or worse, or somewhere in between, the holiday season brings together family and friends. The result can be stress, excitement, and the re-opening of old wounds. As such, I’m looking for ways you have created in order to make it through the holidays relatively unscathed. I want to hear your traditions, your coping tools, and your perspective on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to holiday traditions.

A panel of judges will choose one lucky winner from the entries received. And a prize of a full clarity session as well as a copy of The Flying Game will be awarded.

The Flying Game

Here’s the caveat: Anything goes! Nothing is off-limits! But you have to hurry as this contest ends on December 31.

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Happy Holidays, and best wishes for a safe and peaceful season.

xox, Jan