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You cannot be a Goddess standing in your own power without your own access to money

You may wonder why I bring “money” to the table (or in this case, to the BLOG) as a topic for women’s empowerment. The truth is, money is an equalizer, a critical power tool for empowering real change globally. Quite honestly, I’m thinking about making EVERY MONDAY a day to celebrate money. A day to create common sense change where it’s bound to be the most helpful: In the pocketbook.

Here’s why money matters:

Historically. women have given up control of their power by giving up control and even awareness about money. And there is always someone happy to take over that power. The wage gap persists, because women have not owned their power when it comes to the manifesting and managing of money.

In fact, in my own lifetime:

  • Women were not allowed to have credit in their name
  • Women could not hold title to real estate in their own name
  • Women generally made less than 3/4 of what a male counterpart is paid for the same job

I became a member of the Teamsters Union, Local 222, in 1977. Becoming one of the first female drivers (aka “Mother Truckers”) was not something I had on my radar. But I got divorced in a time when a single mother had slim options for earning a living. And because I was a single mother with 3 young pre-school aged children who all required day care (not to mention food and shelter) I needed to equalize the paying field. And so, because I like to drive, I fought the status quo and convinced a traditional male company to hire me. Believe me when I tell you that I tolerated a LOT of discrimination, far beyond what I would have endured had I gone the route if more acceptable employment. But them, my children would have not eaten, or been sheltered, or been cared for in the daycare system. I’ll never forget what I was told when I was hired:

“You cannot be as good as the guys. You HAVE to be better.”

Mother Trucker

Of course he was right. What the supervisor was saying is that as a woman, all eyes would be on me, watching me for the first slip-up, as the men would be ruthlessly seeking evidence that women couldn’t handle the job. I also learned that certain promotions went to men with the excuse that, “he has a family to support.” The truth is, I too had a “family to support.” And I didn’t have a wife at home looking after the children, or taking care of the upkeep of the home.

As tough as it was, and as many threats against my life were made, or the ridiculous number of unwelcome midnight callers coming around seeking favors, I still feel as if I owe the Teamsters Union, and some of the supportive fellow Teamsters (there were some) a debt of gratitude. Without the Union behind me, I cannot imagine what the struggle to support my little family could have been. After approximately 7 years, I left the union, went back to school, and became a women’s empowerment consultant for the Department of Human Services. None of that would have happened had I taken a low-paying secretarial job, or gone on welfare, or turned to someone else for my care….

Money is an empowering life tool that liberates women

Too often, women shirk from mindfulness about their finances; they become dependent on others for care and upkeep. But what happens to the sense of self when a woman is not financially independent? Unless there is a secure sense of purpose, we tend to implode a bit, losing pieces of our self-worth. The more dependent we are, the more vulnerable we are…. Actually, “Money is an empowering life tool that liberates women.” It’s also a power tool for men. We all do better when we’re financially secure.

My own father died young, leaving his 23 year old widow to support 3 living children and one on the way. My mother was not equipped to be a single mother. But learning by contrast has long been one of the best teachers. The lesson I took from his unexpected death was to empower myself financially, to not give my power away the way my mother had done. She too learned that lesson, and her eventual response was to start squirreling away money, hiding it like nuts for the long barren winter, for those “just in case” situations.

Women need a little “mad money”

“Women need at least a little mad money,” my mother often said. “Mad money” is money set aside to support you when you are either mad, or going to go mad if you don’t get out of the house and do something to pamper yourself.

And so, with that concept of mad money in mind, I will continue to bring you the fempowering tools that I believe will empower you in EVERY AREA of your life. And mastering money manifesting or/and any tools and techniques that support your abundance will decidedly be among those tools.

Here’s something to consider:

  • You are deserving of all the abundance you desire
  • It’s not just your mindset that determines your wealth or lack of
  • You can learn to manifest money in the same you master other skills
  • Money manifesting is insurance for your potential
  • You can do a LOT with money, that you can’t do without it
  • Your scarcity helps no one

I love what the late Dr. Wayne Dyer said about scarcity:

“You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive.
It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone.”
Wayne Dyer

“…it’s only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone.” POW.

If you truly want to make a difference in your life, and in the lives of others, you must start with clearing any erroneous beliefs, habits, and internalized messages about money. Listen to your head-speak, and be ultra mindful of how you “do money”. Because how you do anything is how you do everything…. A little mindfulness goes a long way in allowing abundance in.

With that said, I want to share that I seriously cannot believe the Winged-Women™ Academy offers a course for $99 that’s the EXACT version others pay $997 for!

MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting is a 7 week, 62+ lesson course designed to empower you to master money manifesting, the feminine way. For $99.

That translates to mean that no one is going to get hurt when you learn to manifest money and the freedom it brings.

  • No greed
  • No thievery
  • No “good old boys” club
  • Nothing cut-throat
  • All build on feminine principles of collaboration, kindness, honesty, expansion
    (You get the picture!)

For more about it, you can either visit the Winged-Women™ Academy and look for the course MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting and get in NOW for only $99, or you can continue to do what you’ve always done, and hope for the best.

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Most of all, remember to treat yourself as the goddess you are.
Don’t wait for someone else to do for you, what you’re not willing to do for yourself.

PS~ Share your thoughts:
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Are you abundant?
Do you have more than enough?
Do you know someone who could benefit from this information?
(If so, pass it on!)

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