Women & Onions ~ Day 3 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Sofia Loren Jayne Mansfield

Gone are the days of women looking at other women with a turned-up-nose expression of smelling onions.

Gone are the days of women looking at other women as if other women are the competition, are the enemy.  No longer is the facial expression that of smelling dog poo on a shoe. Indeed, it is a time in her-story when women unite, and the Earth’s axis shifts with the feminine perspective; that perspective being based on nurturing, receptivity, love, and fairness. No longer is the paradigm one of ego, brute force, or competition. Words, not swords and bullets and missiles and bombs are the tools for bringing peace. Respect, not coercive manipulation, is the model from which the world blossoms into a whole, balanced, encouraged oneness.

Hey, it’s my dream and I can decide what it looks like, and it looks like an inviting place to be.

There is no fear in my utopia. In the love/fear equation, fear is at rest. There is acceptance without judgment, and there is wonder to excite the minds and compel thought and creativity. Every action and response comes from a place of centered loving oneness.

Books replace guns, and intelligence replaces apathy, and authenticity replaces artificiality. Intuition takes hand with thought.  Art and music are praised and nurtured, and the days of sitting with seats glued to chairs in linear fashion are replaced with mindful exploration in nature. Linear thinking is obsolete, and experiential learning is the means of education. Yoga and breathing are no longer looked upon as cultish; rather these are mainstream practices which each child has embraced since birth.

There is no fast food, neither are there poisons being injected into our food and water supply. Our diets are fresh and from the cycle of nature. Water is pure and unadulterated.

The result is whole/gestalt wellness, a condition of balance and of healthy circulation. Heart disease is wiped-out as there is no dis-ease. There is no hyper-tension as there is no tension. Focus is on wellness not on chasing symptoms with deadly chemicals crafted by multi-billion dollar institutions.

Men and women are not only not opposing each other, they embrace the magnificence of each other with full acceptance. Women are empowered and men are in touch with their receptivity and openness. Both men and women are balanced and whole, experiencing the power in vulnerability.

Power of Vulnerability

Yes, this is my perfect paradigm, where everyone really is created equally, and there is never a thought as to “differences,” only recognition of each’s right to transform into full-winged potential.

Has this always been my perspective on the human race? No sirree! During the period when I was a young woman working as a Teamster truck driver, I got on famously with the boys. Well, that is if we set aside little nagging prickles like sexual harassment, open hostility from those (male and female) who believed women should NOT be behind the wheel of a ‘big-rig’, and that truck driving was a ‘man’s domain’, and believed that I needed to get home and leave the jobs to those men because “those men had families to support.” Well guess what? I too had a family to support. I was a single mother of three, and driving fed my kids.

But I was accepting of the challenges. I realized early on that I was a pioneer; a scout clearing the brush ahead of the masses of women who would follow my lead. And somehow, regardless of the size of the challenges and even with threats made on my life, I still preferred the company of men. I thought I would never work with “malicious bitches” because in my indoctrination, women were not to be trusted. Oh I may have had one or two female friends, but it was men I spent my time with, both on and off the job.

Women, I surmised, were too moody, too hard to handle, were difficult, and competitive, and not to be trusted. And did I mention, hormonal? Those hormones made women predictably unpredictable and hysterical ~and not in the funny way; and who needs that? Nope, I’ll stick with working in that “traditional men’s field” and leave all that drama to others, I thought.

And then, fast forward a decade and I am co-facilitating self-awareness groups based on gestalt theory, the brain child of Fritz and Laura Perls. It was a most rewarding career where each month a group of between twelve and twenty women came together and miracle transformation took place. One by one, each participant blossomed into her divine wholeness; Group by group, positive ripples were emitted into the universal pool, shifting the paradigm month by month. And month after month, I fell deeply completely in love with the women graduates as collectively, each came into the brilliant light of her authentic self.

Collectively, women had been systematically taught to dis-own the parts of the ‘self’ which allow for such behaviors as thinking, expressing emotions typically assigned to male behavior (other than hysteria ~a word that comes from hyster and which is clearly offensive and sexist), owning personal power, and generally being worthy of recognition.

During the gestalt process, each woman learns to embrace her power, to own her voice, to effectively communicate her needs and desires, and to further trust her intuition as the guide to her continued expression of feminine energy.

The beauty is in the transformation. And the transformation came, and still comes from the synergy of the group setting where each woman is free to be. She is given permission, and learns to give herself permission to decide for herself what to own and what to discard. By deciding, the branches that no longer support her on the journey to limitless expression are cut away. That which hinders is left behind, as are those who hinder. Anything or anyone stifling her potential are not manipulated into coming along, into changing, rather they are seen as having a different dharma, and a different path to follow. And that’s all fine. In fact, it’s perfect.

Women are nurturing of each other, and empathize. It is thru the experience that each woman transforms into her whole/gestalt potential. And the friendships forged from sharing such profound experiences are permanent.

Gestalt is whole. And there is nothing more beautiful than a woman or man coming into her or his wholeness, unless that is, it is an entire group of women or men blossoming like flowers in an unbridled garden.

yin yang

Won’t you come and play in the garden?

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4 thoughts on “Women & Onions ~ Day 3 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Susan, I am so happy that you came to play here! And by the way, your smile (sincerely) brings me to a happy place; it’s contagious! Thank YOU!

  2. Kellie, you are so sweet to come and play! And I have spent time in your lovely garden as well; wow. I will come to play often!

  3. Hi Jan,
    I followed from the 31 day blogging challenge. Your utopia is a beautiful place. I will join you in supporting the vision of a peaceful world. I’ve downloaded your freebies and look forward to using them. You have a full and intriguing site that will take me some time to explore, but I promise to return.

  4. Wow! I love your dream, and dreams are powerful. Yes, women are rising up and changing the course of history. Dreams like yours, I believe in with my whole heart! I have a dream that is quite similar 🙂

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