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“Women are the Cheerleaders at the Banquet of Life”

You may watch the video (approximately 6 minutes) or listen to the audio linked below.

Women are the cheerleaders at the banquet of life. ~ Dr. Mack Gift Click To Tweet

My cherished professional and personal mentor and precious friend, the late Dr. Mack Gift, often said that, “women are the cheerleaders at the banquet of life.”

Because of all that “cheerleading” taking place, women too frequently neglect our own self-care to the point of irritability, exhaustion, or severe burn-out, and even to what could have been preventable disease. (We all know the correlation between stress and disease.)

If you are guilty of over-giving, it is not my intent to stress you further, nor is it my intention to judge you. If you are anything like the majority of women I meet, it’s likely that you already judge yourself harshly. That will never be my reason for addressing any issue.

My sole intention is only to bring your self-awareness back to the root where self-love fertilizes a happy healthy life.

I created an easy to implement way of adding in some self-nurturing practices to those things you do every day ritualistically, without awareness. My concept is that if you add in a few fresh tweaks to your daily practices, your life will automatically up-level. It’s easy. It’s enjoyable. And when you implement even just one or two new daily practices, your life and your well-being will be enhanced.

Mindful Life Creation is a super easy program to get on-board with, and the payoff potential is limitless. All you do, is enroll, and follow the super easy suggestions. I gotta say, as I created the e-Book, it opened so many tributary ideas for ways in which we can embrace the self-love, that I may have to consider creating a second edition of tips!

Try it out. You’ve got 30 days to change your mind. But I promise you, if you will follow the plan and implement some new fun ways of showing up for yourself in life, you will benefit.

Here’s the fun part: For the first 30 days, I will be in the portal with you! We will interact via the comments area, and share the good, the bad, and the ugly. My bias is that there will be plenty to celebrate in small wins that create the big changes. If you are interested, the doors are opening now!


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